Christmas: It’s Back!

I love how Christmas comes every year.   I look forward to the Fall every year, but that’s mostly because we live in Arizona where Fall is pretty much the first stage of “nice” weather we see.

But I feel like I’ve been waiting for this Christmas, all year long.  Last Christmas, all I could think about was how next year we’d have a little one with us.  (Realization note: this time last year, we still didn’t know we were having a little girl.  It feels like she was always a she. Never a potential he.)

I couldn’t wait to bake cookies with her on my hip, watch her tear at paper on Christmas morning, and decorate her very first Christmas tree.

We actually almost bought a new tree this year.  The Big Ass Tree has been in my family for 11 Christmas’ now, and it’s a little worn.  We’re missing a few branches and it leans, just a tad.

In the end though, we decided to keep this one for another season, so that we could shop the Boxing Day (what do you call the day after Christmas in this country?!) sales for a new one for next year.

I’m happy we ended up keeping it.  It felt quite nostalgic to introduce Ariadne to The Big Ass tree.

We think she liked it.

Another Christmas.

Same Tree.


5 thoughts on “Christmas: It’s Back!

  1. It amazes me how we can get such a great photo shoot as in Thursday night, just letting her play in her Christmas dress, but when you try to get the photos, she hams it up with the tongue, or she deadpans the camera. That sweetheart is the most difficult subject to get professionally photographed that I have ever seen…. seriously! But when you pull out the camera, Boo…. you get such delicious shots.

  2. Again that tongue just cracks me up…and again how I wish hubs would have stuck his out to match hers! lol

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