Name Notes

Back in February I wrote a post about naming our little girl.  Although, truthfully it wasn’t really about naming her as much as how naming her was a very important step in my bonding experience.

So this post, is truly about naming her.

Why am I writing this now?

Well, after almost six months of having an outside baby, I’ve realized that I’ve answered “Where did you come up with that?” “How did you come up with that?”  “Well that’s interesting isn’t it?” “Is it a family name?” “What does it mean?” like a million and a half times.  The thing is, I know that the true intention behind almost all of those questions was “Did you make that shit up?!”


No we did not make that shit up.  (I know Mum, I need to stop saying shit. I’m working on it.)  So let this be your explanation in case you were wondering if we did.

Ariadne is in fact, a real name.  Not that any name you give your child isn’t a real name.  But Ariadne is a name that is in the baby name books. It’s got a meaning, a place in ancient stories, a culture.  Still, it is definitely obscure.

So how did we find this name?

The first time we heard it, we honestly didn’t even realize we’d heard it.

But let me come back to that.

I mentioned in my previous Naming post that Ariadne actually had a previous name that we had planned on using for many months until The Hubs changed his mind.

Usually I wouldn’t divulge the name in case we chose to use it in the future (and we have such ridiculously unique naming preferences that if say,  a good friend chose the same name, it would be a bit…awkward) but we actually are 99% sure we would never use this name now.  That name was.

Darwin Bayes.

*cue gasps*

Yes, we were going to name our daughter Darwin.

Now truly, how did we come up with that?!  Well, The Hubs once told me in conversation that he liked the name Darwin.  In the moment I realized something.  I hated the name for a boy.  But surprisingly LOVED it for a girl.  Like really LOVED it.  I still`do, actually.

Bayes was another choice of The Hubs that comes from some statistical something or other.

He had cart blanche on naming our daughter, so I let him run with it since I LOVED Darwin.  I was going to call her Winnie *swoon*

Anyways, as you already know, The Hubs had a change of heart right before our anatomy scan.  (the agreement we had was that he could name our first born daughter – if I could name the son)  So we went back to the drawing board with names.

One boring afternoon, I was having an email conversation with my Mum and Brother.  At one point my Brother throws out “I really like Ariadne.”  I went “Hmm, where have I heard that before…”

So I Wikipedia’d it, and came back with the legend of Ariadne (Greek Mythology peeps) and immediately fell in love.

Then I realized where it actually sounded familiar from.

A little movie called Inception.

Anyways, when I told The Hubs about it, he loved it too, so it joined our very short list.  Funny enough, Persephone (another Greek Mythology tag) was also on our list.

We had already decided at that point that all of our children would have their middle name after something cosmology related (a star, planet, constellation etc.).  Mira was the only star name we could agree on.  I thought Cassiopeia was a little bit of a mouthful.  Carina was my second choice, but The Hubs wasn’t for it.  We have another cosmology name that is on reserve if we end up having another girl one day, but I didn’t like the way it sounded with Ariadne.  So, Mira it was.

Sure, her name is a little out there.  But let’s be serious, she’s going to be going to school with a hundred and five Nevaehs and Addysons – I highly doubt Ariadne is going to be the strangest name.

The point is, we love it.  We more than love it.  We adore it.  This is one of those cases where the baby picked the name.  I truly think she had some say in it, because she is every little bit Ariadne (Aria for short – pronounced “Are-ee-ah” or “Air-ee-ah” depending on which one of her parents you ask.)  I still covet the name Darwin for a little girl, but every time I look at Ariadne I realize that she is definitely not a Winnie.

And I’m pretty sure her Uncle is secretly proud that he can take credit for naming her.

3 thoughts on “Name Notes

  1. Not every little girl can be named Addison, you’re right! I love Ariadne. I considered it over a year ago, for about five minutes. Haha I really only considered names starting with A or R. (obvious, right?). When people ask how I came up with my daughter’s name, I can give the speech, but I just say “Shakespeare”. Makes me look like an even bigger dork than I am.

    Can you imagine her being named anything else but Ariadne? A few hours after Regan was born we settled on Anneke as middle name instead of first. Now I can’t imagine her being named Anneke! Like it never was a possibility.

    PS Re: middle name. Of course you had to name her something from the sky. 🙂

  2. I am always amazed at the names parents come up with….I have a girl in my pre k class named Asma (pronounced Asthma) – I don’t know of another!

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