6 Months Old!

Half a year, already?!

Where oh where has the time gone?

This month, Ariadne has:

-TWO teeth!  As soon as we noticed the first one coming up, the second pushed it’s way through first!  Craziness.

-Awesome fine motor skills.  She does wonderfully at noticing something, reaching and picking it up/transferring.  She’s also getting quite the little pincer grasp.

-Started Baby Sign!  We are soooo excited about her learning this!

-Grown out of pretty much all 6 month clothes.  And some 9 month things for length!

-Lots of hair coming in!  I’m starting to get a little saddened as the new hair is coming in much darker.

She can:

-Sit up unassisted (still working on not face planting it when leaning too far forward while excited)

-Get up on her hands and knees and hold that position for quite a while (she even rocked back and forth a few times!)

-Army crawl when she wants to.

-Kick and splash in the tub, like it’s her job!  Girl’s got some moves!

-Give big open mouth kisses

She is such an absolute doll to have around.

In another 6 months we’ll have a one year old.

Time is moving WAY too quickly!


4 thoughts on “6 Months Old!

    • Yes! That was mine! I get such a kick out of having her wear all of my baby clothes 🙂 SOooo happy that Mum held on to them all these years.

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