First Solids: Baby Led Weaning

It finally happened.

Ariadne got to try her very first solids on Sunday evening.

We made a very conscious decision to wait until she was at least six months old to start (the benefits of waiting) and if I had it my way, she probably would have been closer to seven before we dove in.  But we figured we could start at six months, since often enough babies don’t take to solids at the very beginning.   Take it slow, is our motto.

When we planned out baby strategies during my pregnancy, one of the things we felt confident we were going to do was pureed foods.  I was all for making them at home and avoiding the jars.   We also wanted to completely avoid baby cereals, as modern research shows that they offer zero nutritional benefit.

Somewhere around Ariadne’s second month birthday, I started doing some more thought processing on starting solids.  I came up with this genius (genius I tell you) plan to start her on soft foods that could be mashed with a fork, and quickly offering table foods – skipping purees entirely.  Then while researching things, I found out that this method sort of existed.

Baby Led Weaning.  Table food vs. purees.  As my natural thought predicted, I quickly realized that BLW just made sense to me.  It’s all about introducing table foods, avoiding purees and letting Baby take the lead.  I liked this.

After doing some more research I felt confident that this was really what we should try.  BLW uses the thought process that you should let the baby learn to chew before learning to swallow solids.  You avoid having to make something for the baby for dinner, since they can have the same things you’re having.  Baby learns to eat real food, in the form you want them to recognize for the future, right from the start.  Love!

That’s how we found ourselves sitting around our 6 month old daughter, watching her tackle a few sticks of avocado.  Tackle, attack, mush, demolish.  All usable words for the event.  Eat?  Yay, about that.  There was zero eating.  The only avocado that actually made it down Ariadne’s throat was the few bits that we put in her mouth to see if she’d “get it.”  So instead, she played, learned and practiced picking things up and squishing them.

All in a days work.

And as we were prepared for, and our pediatrician confirmed today – sometimes it just takes a few tries, but at some point she’ll realize that the funny things she’s playing with aren’t toys, but food – and she’ll make the transition from playing to eating.

So we keep trying!



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