Five Days, Four Foods

Over the past five days we’ve introduced Ariadne to four new foods.

In general, there is an old fashioned “wait three days rule” (or something like that) before introducing a different food to an infant. We decided that for the very beginning we’d do one food at a time, for a few meals and if not allergic reaction resulted, we’d move on.  Overall that’s our plan, but our pediatrician wasn’t concerned about attempting multiple foods per day.  So, we are playing it day by day.

As I already told you, the first taste of anything besides breast milk that Ariadne had, was avocado. She liked it well enough, it was more of a take it or leave it attitude.

But then we gave her some roasted sweet potato sticks the next time, and man did that go well! Things started out the same, she played and squeezed the sticks in her fists. But then right before my eyes, she brought a stick to her mouth and started sucking on it. And that was that. She was a sweet potato addict! So we did sweet potatoes for a few days.



Tonight we were going to skip solids all together because we were in a bit of a rush and eating salad for us. Instead, we decided to give her a few sticks on cucumber (no seeds) and a few smooshed black beans since both were in our salads.

Well, the cucumber she liked, at least we think she did (kept bringing it to her mouth) but the faces she was making were hilarious!

The black beans? I don’t think she’s a fan…after two beans, we couldn’t get anything more positive than a “ewww get this out of my mouth before I die” face.   Maybe we’ll retry those in a few days.

But I have to say, I was really impressed with her excitement over the cucumber sticks!  Of course she didn’t actually eat any (that would take some big chompers, and hers are still tiny!) but she sucked!


In other related news, Ariadne has taken really well to her sippy cup.  We introduced it right along with her solids (for water), and make sure she gets small sips in between bites.  We still have to help her by holding it up, since we’re using a stainless steel bottle that is a little heavier than she can hold by herself.  But she reaches for it on her own, and tries to hold it 🙂

I bought some squash today and was planning to roast them this weekend, so next up will be acorn and butternut squash!


One thought on “Five Days, Four Foods

  1. Yay….more pictures. The facial expressions when introducing news foods are the best! Who she looks like changes in every picture–daddy, mommy, Uncle J, Auntie D

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