New Traditions: Santa Key

Oh boy!  I have been waiting for my own little munchkins to arrive just so I could start this tradition!

I heard about this a few years ago, and I’m pretty sure I cried when I first thought about using it with my kids.  It’s such a sweet tradition that allows children to keep the Santa magic just as special, even when there is no chimney in their home.

A Santa Key is just any old key (fun skeleton keys are awesome for this!) that you hang outside your door on Christmas Eve.  It allows Santa to use his magic to make it work in your lock.  A wonderful explanation for kids that worry they won’t get a visit from Old Saint Nick without that all important chimney.

So this year, we made our very own.

I still need to attach the tag with the poem – but this is the poem (there are lots out there on the interwebz) that I chose to use:

Our stockings hang upon a wall. 
We have no fireplace at all!
You see the problem is quite clear.
Santa, how will you get in here? 

We heard a legend. Is it true? 
Of magic only you can do.
We’ll leave out any plain old key, 
and mark it “Santa” so you can see.

Your magic makes the key fit right, 
so you can get inside that night.
Thank you Santa, here’s our key.
The milk and cookies are on me!

This Christmas, I’m excited to start new traditions.  But I’m also so very much looking forward to the old traditions.  This year though, I get to be part of those traditions on the other end.  Like staying up late on Christmas Eve wrapping the kiddos gifts’.  It feels like such a right of passage to be at this point in my life.

I absolutely love it.


6 thoughts on “New Traditions: Santa Key

  1. YEAA I saw this on Pinterest and I want to do it as well. I think I will start next year. This year has me frazzled and has left me with zero time!! =( Where did you get the skeleton key though?? I wasn’t sure where to purchase?

    • I just used a fancy key my Mum had for decor. You can probably find some cool ones at craft stores though. I bet Hobby Lobby has some!

  2. Thanks for sharing this amazing idea, growing up we never had a chimney and i remember wondering if he would miss our house what a fantastic idea. Something I will remember to share!!

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