Christmas in a Nutshell

Our Christmas weekend has been wonderful so far!  I say so far because I refuse to believe that Christmas is already over, meaning that it’s a whole YEAR before next Christmas.  Plus, our family decided to do something spectacular this year and divert a lot of the Christmas Day stress by putting off our big dinner feast until Boxing Day (tomorrow.)  It left us with a perfect, relaxing day filled with our favourite Baby Girl – and some yummy Chinese takeout for dinner.   Tomorrow shall be filled with more awesomeness, plus a turkey and all the fixin’s!

On Christmas Eve, we were invited over to a family friends house for their annual Christmas Eve dinner.  It was a wonderful time, full of lots of baby loving, delicious food (a house full of Italians never disappoints!) and fantastic company.

Then we came home, told Ariadne all about Santa and helped her set out his special key.

Late night wrapping and stuffing (stockings!) followed, until we were all so tired that a warm bed was all we could think about.

This morning we woke up and Santa had come!

We couldn’t stop laughing at how ridiculous we looked with that many gifts hanging out under the tree (this was for five people!).  I would like to mention that we really did try to not go overboard.  And honestly, we didn’t.  We did a lot of small things (The Hubs may have had a few boxes of underwear and socks under that tree) and things that were needed (winter clothes for Ariadne since we’re going up to the midwest for a visit.)   Which in my opinion justified the things that spoiled us all.

We hung out in PJs for most of the day.  Ariadne was loving the themed jammies!

and we were amazed at how quickly she caught on to how to open her gifts!

For the most part we’ve fought the urge to buy lots of toys over the last six months.  So Christmas gifting made up for it, and I’m almost positive we have enough toys to last through the next few baby stages!

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing with new toys (new camera gear, YAY!) watching Love Actually, and figuring out that Ariadne has added three new favourite foods to her list (aka, the foods she willing puts in her own mouth repeatedly without encouragement) cucumber sticks, rice and scrambled egg.

Yes, so far, our Christmas has been the best yet.

I hope yours has treated you with lots of joy and merriment also!


One thought on “Christmas in a Nutshell

  1. It has certainly been a blessed holiday so far. Christmas Eve was a wonderful new celebration with friends (and most excellent food)! Now onto Turkey feast……

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