This year I was spoiled.

With camera gear.  The gift that keeps giving!

The Hubs knew I really really really (really!) wanted that new camera lens and boy was I really really really (REALLY!) excited when I opened up that small box Christmas morning!

As much as this a gift for me, I like to think of it as a gift to us – an investment in our family portraiture.  At least it would be if I actually printed photos for the wall.  Someday.  Right now it’s just an investment in my blogging photography.

As a sidenote – I’m really happy I’ve taken up photography as a hobby.  I find it the perfect blend of art and science that I need in my life.  Challenging and creative, with satisfying results (especially when there is a baby girl involved!)

Anyways.  Beyond the lens, everyone seemed to decide that Camera Gear would be the theme for gifting this year.  I am so happy to announce that I can now take family pictures (and be in them!) thanks to a tripod and remote.

I can also tote my camera gear around in this beautiful Kelly Moore camera bag!  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  It’s this beautiful dark gray/teal colour.  I absolutely love it.  I may start using it as a purse (that just happens to carry my camera) here soon.

I can’t tell which is prettier.  The bag?  Or the awesome bokeh that the new lens creates?

And yes, I did just have a mini photo shoot with my bag.  A couple dozen pictures later I realized that I was about to start telling the bag to “work it” and “show me its money maker” and had a moment of inner snide comment banter with myself.

Then I promptly tore myself away from it to write this post.

So as you can tell, I was spoiled rotten with gifts (oh, did I mention the TOMS?  iHeart my new TOMS!)  But the greatest joy of all this Christmas, was being spoiled rotten with plenty of time with my family.  The people who matter most to me in this world.

No gift is better than that.


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