New Resolutions

Usually I refrain from making New Years Resolutions because I can rarely keep them.  As of late, I’m feeling much more positive and motivated to make my goals happen.  So we’re going to try it out this year.

This year I would like to:

Get Healthy/ier

I was undoubtedly my most healthy at the end of my pregnancy.  I loved it.  Since having Ariadne, I’ve slacked quite a bit, and I’d like to work on getting that feeling back.  So I’m making a goal to run a race this year (maybe a half marathon, but I’m definitely running a 5K in Vancouver this year!) and to get back to following the diabetic diet (since I truly think that is the diet everyone should be on.)

Work on myself

There’s a lot of personal things I’d like to work on.  I’ve realized that I don’t know entirely who I am, at least to the extent I’d like to.  It’s funny actually because until I realized it, I always thought I knew myself completely.  This year has been a year full of realizations.  So, I’d like to spend this year getting to know myself.

Get things on the wall

We barely have anything on our walls, and we’ve lived here for over two years!  So this year, we’re going to make a bigger effort to act like we live here.  Including actually printing and framing pictures of our Baby Girl, since right now, we don’t.

Double our savings

It’s lofty, but I’m fairly certain we can do it.  We’ve always been careful about money, but we’ve got some pretty large financial goals coming up (hello paying off 6(plus) figures of The Hubs’ student loans within five years) So in preparation for that, we’re beefing up the savings this year before we start throwing everything at those stinking student loans.

My last resolution?

To not spend the year panicking about 2012

I don’t hide the fact that I have anxiety issues.  I’ve spent at least the last three years worried about 2012 (and countless years before that having anxiety attacks about the end of the world).  It always seemed so far off, and now it’s here.  I’m resolving to not spend the year in an anxiety panic.  I want to enjoy this year.   First, I need to work on figuring out how to do that (this goes hand in hand with my second resolution).  But I think I’m ready to figure that out.

So what are your resolutions?



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