Favourite Things – Updated Baby Edition

So I did one of these back when Ariadne was only a few months old.  Although everything I mentioned still stands as being awesome, I’ve realized that we have some additional items worth mentioning.

LifeFactory Glass Bottles

Dude.  I love these bottles.  We started off with the BornFree glass bottles, which we had no complaints with for the first four months.  Eventually though, they appeared to leak.  So we pulled out the LifeFactory bottles that a very generous friend had purchased for us as a baby gift.  I had put them away for later use (even though I have coveted these bottles since I first saw them a few years ago) because of the smaller nipple shape.  I figured it would be a little bit less breastfeeding friendly.

Turns out, these bottles rock my socks.  The nipple has never been a problem, never caused any issues with nipple confusion.  We’ve also had no leaks.  Another awesome plus to these are that they don’t have any extra parts in them like a lot of the fancy bottles do nowadays (BornFree, Dr.Browns etc.) but they work just as well.  Simplicity at it’s best?  They are also super stylish, I love the silicon sleeves.

In case you’re wondering – we chose glass bottles because we do not use plastic for heating/food storage in our home due to the potential for chemical leeching.   A decent glass bottle will not break if dropped (I’ve dropped ours…a.lot) which I know you’re all worrying about.  The only downside is that they are usually much more expensive.  LifeFactory are about $15 each, depending on where you get them.  We only have two and it’s worked out fine for us since Ariadne only gets two bottles while I’m at work each day.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

By far, Ariadne’s favourite toy.  It’s cheap, handheld and not annoying (yay!)  We were given this as a handmedown from a friend, but ended up buying the new version for her for Christmas, since she was starting to bang it around and I didn’t want to ruin someone else’s toy.   This is the perfect diaper change distraction and is very easy for a baby to use.

Hooded Towels

Okay, so those hooded towels you get from baby stores are awesome.  But they are usually sized for a small baby.  So once your baby gets a bit bigger, those towels aren’t nearly big enough (or plush enough.)  We were lucky enough to receive two homemade hooded towels from a family friend.  These are made by sewing a washcloth and towel together.  Genius.  And…it works like a charm.  Plus, I can totally imagine us playing superhero some day wearing these as capes.

Soft toys

I know I’ve talked about these before.  The IKEA soft toy line.  Sooooo awesome.  We have the large veggies and then for Christmas Ariadne was given the fruit basket and veggie basket.  These are wonderful toys for little tots.  Especially when they start learning how to whip toys around, which results in them hitting themselves in the head constantly.  Soft toys for the win!

So there you have it – a few more of our favourite things.

I’d also suggest a cat for your baby –

they tend to make good babysitters.



4 thoughts on “Favourite Things – Updated Baby Edition

    • LOL that’s not the crazy cat, Lisa! But it’s worth mentioning that the crazy cat is actually quite friendly with the baby. She let’s her tug on her ears and everything!

  1. Um, those bottles are AWESOME. The silicone sleeves are so cute! I’m going to try those with future baby #2. We used the Dr. Brown’s glass bottles for Ryan, which we liked but hated cleaning all those extra parts constantly. Thanks for the recommendation!

    • MEG! You used glass?!?!?!?! You’re officially my new best friend. I don’t think I know anyone else who went that route.

      Yes, these bottles are fabulous and sooooo easy to clean.

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