Saved by Good Looks

Any woman who has successfully breastfed a bite happy teething toothy (say that ten times fast!) baby has my neverending respect.  

I have tried every single trick out there to get Ariadne to stop biting me while nursing.  No.  Biting is too light a term.  Attempting to slice off my nipple while nursing would be a better way of putting it.  And you know what?  She thinks it’s HILARIOUS.  The biting is funny, the reprimanding though?  Apparently me saying “NO” (firmly), poking her in the mouth, flicking her nose, pulling her face to my breast etc. is all just gutt wrenchingly hilarious.

I wish I found it 1% as funny as she did.

Today, I’m lucky I have nipples left.  Because once these top two teeth finally pop through, I’m fairly certain I will be nipple-less.

She’s lucky she’s damn cute

Actually.  I’m lucky she’s so damn cute.  It’s the only reason I can make it through the nipple pain.  For real.  This is by far the worst physical pain I’ve ever felt.  EVER.  Yes, worse than child birth.  <<< but only because it’s that horrible stinging kind of pain that I find so terrible >>>

Have I scared you off from nursing yet?

I swear – it’s worth it.  I’d do it all over again, a million times over.  And I’ll keep on doing it.  Because nursing this baby are some of my favourite moments of the day (when I’m not getting bit)


2 thoughts on “Saved by Good Looks

  1. OMG….P still has no teeth and I am BEYOND happy about that for this very reason! I’m really scared now though…thanks! LOL

    • Don’t be too scared yet. I know people that have had luck with halting the biting. My good friend said her daughter bit her once and never again! I’m just unlucky, I guess 😦 Actually, the main problem right now is that she’s teething again. She wasn’t biting me for a good month or so after she got her teeth. It just started getting problematic because she’s teething on the top now, so her gums hurt. Poor thing!
      You’ll be fine 🙂 Afterall, I’m still around to tell the tale!

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