7 Months Young!

This month is the first month that I feel like the changes in Ariadne are slowing down.  I’m finding it difficult to think of something new that she hasn’t been on the verge of doing for awhile now.  Considering the last 7 months have been a whirlwind, I’m sort of happy to have a little slow down time.  A little time to absorb these little things.

At 7 months, Ariadne can –

– Get around a room surprisingly quickly by rolling

– Army crawl (still on the verge of taking her first actual crawling steps)

– Pull herself up when I hold out my hands (us not pulling her up at all)

– Stand assisted by holding on to something and balance on her own for a few seconds

– Babble like nobody’s business.  We’ve got “Mamamamamama” down.

– Signs “all done” at the end of meal times

– Hold her sippy cup by herself some of the time (we’re still working on it)

Ariadne loves –

– Giving kisses.  She’s given kisses since she was two months old practically, but they are getting so hilarious now.  She’ll come at me with big open mouth kisses, without me telling her “kisses” first.

– All of her new Christmas toys.  Especially her stacking rings, which she put together on the first try Christmas morning!

– biting THE BOOB (Mama does not love this)

– Technology.  I can’t keep her away from my phone or laptop.

– Singing.  She really enjoys any type of singing.  Good thing she can’t recognize I’m tone deaf.

– To laugh.  Her laughter is becoming much more poignant and she actually purposely makes us laugh at her now.

– Blowing bubbles.

– Playing with her shoes – she seriously tries to get them back on her feet!

Her personality is shining through more and more everyday.  She is a serious girl with a hilarious funny bone.   Curious and very independent.  And sometimes I find it hard to believe that she’s actually a baby because she just seems so much older than a baby.

Ariadne is growing up a storm, as always.  Almost 18lbs now and over 28inches.  She is still on the boob milk, but eats two solid meals a day (her favourite foods are pear, applesauce, sweet potato and cucumber) and loves water!

We’re quickly approaching the days of toddler-hood and I can’t believe it.  I’m so very much looking forward to the future with this little girl.


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