Little Dinosaur

One of Ariadne’s many (and I really mean many) nicknames is “Little Dinosaur.”  This nickname found it’s way into our hearts when she first started grunting and making what we would call dinosaur noises.  The name has kept with us since then, and it’s my favourite thing to call her…except for Muffin, I love Muffin the most.

This name has a special place in my heart because I’ve always loved dinosaurs.  The Natural History Museum was always my favourite because of the dino collection.  And I totally wanted to be a Paleontologist when I was a kid.  Totally.  I hated Jurassic Park though.

So a few months ago my Mum found this AWESOME fabric.

If you can’t tell, it says “Little Dinosaur” all over it.


So she bought some to turn into fleece pants and a hat for Ariadne’s winter trip to Iowa.  Well, she also told my mother-in-law about it too, who followed suit by purchasing more of the fabric and making this blanket for her.

How awesome is that?!  And our Little Dinosaur loves them!



2 thoughts on “Little Dinosaur

  1. Us Grams have to stick together…. we got her covered, literally, in fleece!
    I’m so happy to have found it, and even happier that her Grandma was able to find it and make that beautiful blanket. I have a feeling it will be a favourite, and at 25 Ariadne will still be cuddling with it.

    She’s such a beautiful and delightful baby girl. Perhaps she will be our little Paleontologist, author, teacher and school bus driver so she can find the dinosaurs, write books about them to use to teach about them, after picking up all the children and driving them to school. It was an ambitious dream, Boo……. *smile* ….. and you were so earnest about it too. ooohhhhh, big head, little arms!!!!!!

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