Springing Forth

The Holidays are officially over.

Okay, so they’ve been over for a few weeks now.  I guess I’m just getting with the program?

You’d think that the post-Holiday blues would be kicking in right about now…but instead, I’m on this super Spring awaiting high.

Mainly due to the following:

In almost exactly one month, we’ll be going to see Wicked!

I saw it maybe 4 (?) years ago when it was on it’s first tour through Phoenix.  Ever since then I’ve wanted to take The Hubs.  He’s not really into musicals, but I have a feeling he’s going to love this one.  So happy we are going to be able to go!  Annd we’re not even in the nosebleeder section!  I decided to splurge for really good seats.

TOMS ballet flats.

Seriously, TOMS?  I didn’t think you could get any better than the angelic comfort your standard styled shoe gives my foot. It’s like wearing a shoe glove.  But then you decided to come out with something that looks freaking CUTE.  If the new ballet flats are anywhere close to the comfort level of your standard shoe…I’m going to die of happiness.   Comfort + cuteness.  My heart is going pitter pat.


So April is the biggest thing on my radar right now.  I have two trips planned in that month.  First up, I have a work conference in Maryland.  This is awesome because #1 It’s a conference I’ve been wanting to go to for a few years and #2 My extended family is in Maryland – which means – I’m taking Ariadne (and my Mum!) with me so that we can turn it into a mini trip to see the family.   What’s better than getting to do a personal trip while not having to pay for your flight because your company is?…not much.

Second.  The Hubs also happens to have a work conference this April.  Only his is a little bit more awesome because it’s in VANCOUVER.  As in.  CANADA.  Obviously I was totally jumping all over the opportunity for Ariadne and I to tag along on that trip.  So we’re making a big vacation out of it and staying longer so we can do some tourist stuff.  I can’t wait for this.  For some reason I can’t stop imagining myself walking around the markets in Vancouver, with a baby strapped to my chest, perusing awesomeness while The Hubs is presenting his paper/article that he got to be first author on (this is a big freaking deal)  There is way too much excitement in my blood right now.  Hurry up baby passport – hurry up!

Birthday Planning

Planning parties is probably my second most favourite thing to do (not sure what number one is, but it would be pretty weird to say party planning is my NUMBER ONE most favourite activity) and probably my husband’s least favourite thing-that I do.  Let’s just say I turn into a beast when I’m party planning.

But this summer we have a very special little girl turning the big ONE and she must have a party.  So I’ll be spending a good portion of this spring planning that bash. Can’t wait!

Three Years?

Has it really been almost three years since that glorious day that we said I Do?(or “We Do” since our wedding vows were fabulous and ended with us both answering We Do to finish out our Dr Seuss inspired rendition) It has.  Although we currently have no plans…I’m sure we’ll make some, but even if we don’t, just the mere passing of that day is a huge milestone.

I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot of things that are to come – every day I think a little bit more about buying a new car (yes…again…) So who knows, maybe this Spring car shopping will once again engulf my every waking thought.  And we all know how excited I get about car shopping – wahhooooo!  Although something tells me that The Hubs is not a fan of my secret plan…

What are you looking forward to this Spring?


2 thoughts on “Springing Forth

  1. Oh… I… must.. get… toms ballet flats. So cute.

    Congrats to your hubby on his article! That’s an awesome accomplishment and the fact that it means you get a fun vaca sweetens the pot even more.

  2. I am SO glad that I have someone to share in my anticipation of TOM’s Ballet Flats! Like I am SO stoked it’s not even healthy and I have arguments in my head every day about which pair(s) to purchase!

    Second, I ❤ Vancouver. Way to go Derek on getting published!

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