BLW: Not so much…

So remember last month I posted about how we were “SO EXCITED” about Baby Led Weaning?

Well, a month later…we’ve converted to the way of feeding that I initially planned on.

I still support BLW.  I think it’s a fabulous way of teaching your child about food.  The problem was, my kid just wasn’t interested in  She would play with it, which was fine (and from my BLW research, very common) but barely anything was making it in her belly… I’ll admit I was getting a bit anxious for her to start having some food in her belly (and hopefully letting me sleep more than three hours at a time.)   Plus The Hubs was getting a bit nervous about choking – for the record, she was never close to choking, but it was just a fear of his – and I feel very strongly that if one of us is uncomfortable with something, we find a compromise.  So at about seven months, we started spoon feeding with mashable foods.

We’re still not going with purees – I mash up things we’re making already and give her that.  I think this is great because it still teaches about different textures.  Sometimes I’ll leave things pretty chunky (pear I fork mash a bit, but leave the chunks larger) or whole (couscous and oatmeal) and she’s doing well with the variety.  We still offer things in the BLW way – today I gave her an avocado slice (again) and the reaction was pretty much that of mortification.  Oh well, we’ll persevere.

The point is, she’s eating, and her tastes are definitely becoming clear.

Fruit?  Apples and pears yay!  Bananas – allergic (we think at least)

Vegetables?  Sweet potato, squash, zucchini yay!  Pumpkin – eewww

Other?  Oatmeal, couscous YAY!  Beans – gross!

Our plan from here is to continue spoon feeding with different types of textures throwing in the occasional finger food.  I’m hoping that the near future has her finding much more interest in food (considering she loves to watch us eat) and fewer “GET THIS OUT OF MY FACE” looks.


3 thoughts on “BLW: Not so much…

  1. Parenting is basically one big exercise in trial and error, isn’t it? I think BLW makes a ton of sense in a lot of ways, but I share your hubby’s unshakable fear of choking, which is not helped by the fact that Ryan has a major gag reflex that makes me think he’s choking at least once a meal. I think your compromise makes a ton of sense.

    How sad that she might be allergic to bananas! :-/ Hopefully she outgrows that.

    • It definitely is all about trial and error 🙂 Ariadne has a huge gag reflex too! She gags on EVERYTHING.

      I’m going to be so sad if she doesn’t grow out of this problem with bananas. We’re going to try them again here soon to see if the problem persists. But I love bananas soo much. She would be greatly missing out.

  2. I have a banana allergy. It is getting better as I get older and the more bananas I eat. Actually, all my fruit allergies I never stopped eating them….just in moderation. The less I eat them…the more issues I have when I do. If I keep them in my system, I usually don’t have an issue.

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