This Just Happened

My kid started crawling last night.

Don’t mind my awkwardness with the camera.  I was trying to not let her see me with the camera.  She tends to halt everything she’s doing when she sees it.  Also.  What is with my voice?  I swear my voice isn’t so whiny in my head.

Anyways.  Baby’s first crawling “steps.”  Hip Hip Hoooray!  Kind of.  Not really, since that means we have to watch her like a hawk now (and buy a stair gate…ugg) but it is totally awesome!  I have to say, it’s not the way I expected her to start crawling.  She’s so careful.  Each move is purposeful and thought out.  It’s adorable and sweet.  I call her crawl The Moon Crawl, because half the time she’s doing this funny shuffle with her knees that makes it look like she’s moving more than she is.

Talent.  My baby haz it.

On Monday I was doing the usual “She’s never going to start ____insert baby milestone___” and sure enough, like clockwork, the next day she started doing it.  It’s a sure thing.

I should start testing this theory on bigger things like…

“I’m never going to win the lottery.”


“My car is never going to transform into a talking robot from a planet called Cybertron.”


6 thoughts on “This Just Happened

  1. Okay, with her little black socks she looks like a baby goat….the cutest baby goat in the world. Love the little hops and her little feet getting tangled. Give her a day or two and she’ll have it sorted out. Yay, Ariadne!

  2. Thats Awesome, She looks so funny crawling!! I dont think there’s a right way/wrong way to crawl.. she’s got the waddle crawl.. =) and Ambie’s right life is not ever going to be the same, and it gets worse when they learn to walk, then your really f**ked.. =P

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