We Love Baby Sign

I can’t remember when we started teaching Aria baby sign… maybe around four months?  We started out by getting the Baby Signing Time volume one DVD.  She really seemed to enjoy watching it, and it wasn’t ridiculously annoying for us grown ups – although I won’t be disappointed if she never takes to the “diaper dance”…wtf Baby Signing Time?  I don’t need my kid doing a diaper dance.

Obviously the DVD can be entertaining to watch at a young age, but we realize that the purpose wasn’t for her to learn directly from watching it.  Our goal was for us to memorize the signs and start implementing them every day.

So for the last four months we’ve been signing maniacs.  Meal times involve signing “more” and “eat” between practically every spoonful.  They end in “all done” and we even get all fancy throwing words together “drink, water.”  About a month or so ago we started noticing that she appeared to be doing “all done” at the end of meals.  It’s not perfect, and she does it a lot when she’s not eating too…but she always ends a meal with “all done.”  Success!

Then today, while giving her lunch, I saw her try to sign “more” for the first time!  I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud.  Of course, right now it looks more like a clap because she can’t quite get the fingers exactly the way they should.  But she touches her hands together, and it’s simply genius.

This is totally fantastic on multiple levels – 1) it means she’s actually grasping this baby sign concept (wooot!) and 2) it’s just about the first time that she’s shown any active interest in food.  It’s all about the progress!

Language is very important to me (I started in french immersion when I was in kindergarten) and I love that we have the opportunity to teach Aria another language at such a young age.

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