So you’re Eight Months Old, eh?

My baby.

Is eight months old.

We’re nearing the very tail end of her first year of life.

This month Aria can:

– crawl!  For real crawling.  She’s fast and determined.  Chasing the cats is her favourite activity (it was a close tie between the cats and cords/outlets)

– clap.  She officially will clap when asked to, not necessarily when shown.  This is probably one of the most exciting milestones for me so far because it means she actually understands when we say “can you show us how you clap, Ariadne?”  It’s freaking adorable.

– she can make two signs – “more” and “all done”  We’re working on “mama” “dada” “cat” “water” and “milk” still.

– push herself from an all-fours position to sitting.

– feed herself puffs.

She looooves:

– pears, red pepper, puffs and zucchini.

– playing on our computers and phones.

– listening to spoken french.  She has a toy remote control that can switch between English, Spanish and French. Obbbbviously I like to click it to French all the time so she can listen to it count and say “Bonjour” or “Quel c’est beau!” . She always smiles when it’s on that setting.  So it’s not just me.  She likes french.

– her new car seat!  Getting in the car used to be a bit of a struggle with her infant car seat.  Although she was more than 10lbs from hitting the weight limit and 2 inches from the height limit, we decided to go ahead and get her a convertible seat.  We picked up the Britax Boulevard 70 CS and love it!  Aria has so much more room now and loves sitting up higher.  Car rides are a lot more pleasant.

– singing and dancing.  She loves being sung to or watching Glee.  You can frequently find the two of us dancing in the kitchen watching Glee while I make dinner.

– being told she’s pretty.  Who doesn’t?

– and all the usual – play row row row your boat, pulling herself up on us, standing while holding on to her ottoman, playing with her ring stacker and shape sorter, waking up to see one of us waiting for her, making us laugh, being silly…and so much more.

She is a such a delight.  A cuddler, a lovebug, a comedian, an intellect and sweeter than ice cream.  A hot tempered ginger – oh boy, I can’t wait for teenagedom with this little one!  She is my mini me.  She is the best part of my day.  She’s the reason I laugh more every day now than I laughed in all 25 years before she existed.  We are so blessed!

She is growing up soooo fast.  But then again, I say that every month.

And every month it’s true!


2 thoughts on “So you’re Eight Months Old, eh?

  1. She’s everything you said plus she’s adorable, beautiful, talented, sweetness, a real princess, ginger (!), gorgeous and of course I can go on and one….Plus…she’s got the best of the best for parents! Love the dinosaur on her shirt! Can’t believe our little one is already 8 months old! A great big Thank You (from the bottom of my heart) for sharing all her milestones! Are you sure you want teenagedom? Switch you for a week!

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