Confessions: From the Wife of a SAHD

Disclaimer – I have edited this post a bit to reflect a bit less personal self criticism.  My Mama didn’t like that I was putting down her baby’s mama-ness.  

It’s time for me to admit to a few things…

– I’m scared of baby poop.  At least prior to the plop-able kind (in case you didn’t know, plop-able poop is the utmost appreciated by Cloth Diapering parents.)  If it’s not plop-abe I can guarantee I’ll be shrieking the second I open that diaper.  I can usually be found screaming “HUBS” and getting the following response: “Let me guess, she pooped?”  He’s got like, ESPN or something.  My explanation for this is simple – The Hubs is just less scared of poop, so thus I get away with being squeamish.  Kinda like how we’re both scared of spiders, but The Hubs is scareder (?) so I get to kill them when they show up in our house.

– Actually I’m just scared of all diapers.  I change maybe five diapers a week.  And that’s stretching it.  Days will go by when I don’t change a diaper.  So as much as I have this major obsession with our cloth diapers, I rarely use them.  I do fold them though! (and I buy them!) Okay, so I’m not really scared of changing her diaper…I just rarely do it.  Not because I don’t want to (unless it’s a poop diaper, then I don’t want to).  The Hubs is just better at it.

– Most of the time I don’t wake up first.  When Aria wakes up at night, I’m usually still asleep until The Hubs brings her to me if she needs to nurse.   This is really saying something, since her crib is on my side of the room.  I need to work on that.

– I know for a fact that if I ever get pooped on, I would have a hissy fit.  Seriously.  I don’t know how The Hubs has dealt with being pooped on.

– I’m 99% positive that Aria finds all the above very funny, leading her to think it’s awesome to spit up on me every single day.  Does she spit up on The Hubs?  Rarely.

– I have zero soothing abilities, minus The Boob.  The Hubs can get Aria to sleep by rubbing her back, or snuggling with her.  I just get screamed at until The Boob is properly positioned.  Maybe the Boob is just uber soothing? (UPDATE: I officially soothed Ariadne to sleep by rubbing her back!  Officially consider this confession retracted)

– I’m not the best at playing.   I get on the floor and crawl around, sing songs and blow raspberries.  But The Hubs, he’s just sooooo good with her.  He’s like a grown up companion for her.  Their playing sessions are endless.

It’s currently up for debate as to whether the above thoughts are due to our primary caregiver situation or my personality.

Maybe a little of both?

The point is though, not all Dad’s hand over the baby when he/she poops.  And not all Mom’s wake at the first whimpering sound.  Luckily we balance each other out (and thank goodness The Hubs always has my back with the poop – Honey, I’ll try to always have your back when it comes to the spiders…unless they’re bigger than a nickel…all bets are off after that)


3 thoughts on “Confessions: From the Wife of a SAHD

  1. Ploppable poop is for SURE the best.

    Also, her sweater is quite possible the cutest little sweater I’ve ever seen. I might need to have a girl just so I can get one of those.

  2. I have no challenges with your criticism of yourself; you’ve always been your biggest critic and I do believe it’s one of your strengths.

    But you sold yourself short, except on the subject of poop.

    I want to be just like you when I grow up. *smile*…. that’s how good a mama you are!

    As for the Mama radar…. if Ariadne were locked in a backyard…. you’d know it and be on your way. I bet you’d be on your way before she had to drink from a garden hose!!!!

    • LMAO Dude I would have been ALL OVER that if she were locked in a backyard having to make sun dials with her arms to tell time.

      I should write that story for the blog.


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