SockGate 2012

Let’s talk about baby socks.

Apparently I have high expectations when it comes to baby socks.

I would like them to:

1) Stay on

2) Stay on

and most importantly,

3) Stay on

What can I say, when I’m looking for baby socks, I aim high.

Over the course of Aria’s first 6 months of life, we tried every kind of sock brand. Hanes, Carters, Gerber, Trumpette, Circo, Miniwear and every single store brand imaginable. Nothing worked. Some were slightly better than others. But no matter the brand, unless she wore shoes, they would slip off her feet while rolling around.


Why is it that something so seemingly simple ends up being so complicated?!

Then for Christmas, in her stocking, Santa (aka, Grandma) gave her some MAGIC socks. Socks that had the power to stay on. Socks that did everything no other socks could do.

And then I knew which socks they were. The only socks I had yet to try. And when I went to Walmart late one night, and found a bin full of them what did I do? I bought three more packs.

Two months later, when we decided we needed more socks (since we all know socks tend to get eaten by the dryer) it figures that I couldn’t find them ANYWHERE.

At first I was convinced that Walmart had discontinued them. Then, yesterday I found a huge display that they belonged on. The display had tons of the 0-6 month size, and some 3T – 5T. But the huge middle section? The massive area where all the hook tags read “6-18 months”? EMPTY. Every single hook. At least 30 hooks.

Maybe it was just this Walmart. That’s what you’re thinking, right?


Uh huh. Well, after telling my Mum about it, she checked out four more Walmarts.


What the hell is going on?

Did everyone figure out that these were like the best socks in existence?

And could no one have spared one single freaking pack for me?


6 thoughts on “SockGate 2012

  1. Haha! Socks drive me INSANE! I’ve bought so many socks for this girl lately and yet I have NONE! Wait until she learns how to pull them off. Cailin will pull them off in the store, mall etc and I don’t even notice until we get to the car. Ugh.

    I’ll have to find some of these magic socks you speak of. What is the brand called?

    • Ha! Socks are the devil!
      These ones are by Faded Glory. But there are a bunch of different FG ones at Walmart. The ones we like come in a two pair pack, and they have the little sticky dots on the bottom of the feet 🙂

      • LOL Socks are so the devil!!!! I hate them we had the same problem with T’s socks and I hated them then, and I hate them now..
        Funny thing is, is I think I stole what your looking for only one pack left though.. I tried hanes, target brand, old navy.. They all slip off.. the ones I bought a few weeks ago, seem to work and do the job,- 6-18 month<< which to me is rediculous, how is a 6 month old going to have the same size foot at 18 months?? who ever sizes this shit either doesnt have kids or they are men. Just sayin.. Anyway- thank god its almost summer time and we can do away with the socks. Although I'm kind of weird about my kids always having socks on and thinking parents are weird for not putting socks on their kids.

  2. OMG! We also have those socks and LOVE them and I cannot find them either!! I look every single time I go to Walmart and they always have all the other sizes except 6-18.

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