Park Weather

We’ve been taking Aria to the park lately.  It’s been nice outside.

Let me rephrase:  It’s been that strange stage between being cold and being ungodly hot.  Most people call it the 75-85degree temperature range.  I consider it too hot, 70 is more to my liking.   But for most, it’s been perfect for going to the park.  So out we go.  It’s good for her, since we’ve been couped up all month with a sick baby (who is still relatively congested and coughy) and fresh air always does a body good.

I don’t know if she’s quite into it yet.  She seems to get a bit overwhelmed outside.  It brings out her very serious personality.

Getting decent pictures is getting harder and harder to do.  She just refuses to look at the camera.

But she is the sweetest thing I’ve ever known.  I love how serious she is.  She really is our daughter.  No one can deny it.

The TOMS are on!  Finally, after two months, they fit with double socking it.  Just in time because her teeeeny feet are between sizes and none of her shoes fit.

This girl loves standing, walking, jumping.  And her Daddy.

I adore them both.

Still loving phones.  Phones and cars.  She’s obsessed with cars.   I’m obsessed with the angle of her right foot in that picture.  I love how it’s all awkwardly turned down.

I’m also obsessed with baby smiles, naked baby cuddles, baby giggles…there just ain’t enough baby to go around lately.   That, or I’m just being greedy.

Life is good at the park.


Life is just.good.


One thought on “Park Weather

  1. Keep the pics coming. Sorry so mushy but I can’t tell you how much I miss watching her grow…..She is sooooo beautiful. I miss you all but miss our Baby Ariadne so much…Please give her tons of my hugs and kisses!

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