Things and Pictures

Just what you’ve always wanted out of a blog on a Sunday night – 15 random things – now with pictures (that in most likely no way correlate to the random things)!

– I’ve had my eyes checked twice since having Ariadne, and both times have resulted in crazy eyesight changes.  My eye doc tells me that this is normal for pregnancy/post-pregnancy.  I can finally see again, after months of pretending my July prescription was still adequate.

– I’m completely obsessed with nail polish lately.  I am embarassed to admit how much money I’ve spent on nail polish this month.  I paint my fingernails almost every night (sometimes every other) which is probably not the most healthy thing in the world – but it’s therapeutic.  Heck, we don’t have cable, so I consider it a trade off.

– I love toothy baby grins.  They are to.die.for.

– Negative judgy people suck.

– I ran three times last week (yay!) and not once this week.  Starting over tomorrow morning (yay!)

– Horseradish cheddar is just about the most amazing thing I’ve ever eaten.  I want to eat it for every meal.

– On Saturday, Ariadne fell asleep in her carseat on the way home from the eye docs.  When we got home she had been sleeping for about 45 minutes.  Since she skipped her morning nap, we were deliriously happy that she was finally asleep and decided to have an impromptu romantic lunch in the garage so she could keep sleeping.   Leftovers on the truck of the car – best idea ever.

– We had amazing seats to see Wicked this weekend.  I think I loved it more the second time around (and I adored it the first time) and The Hubs loved it too!   I’m not sure I can go back to nose bleeder seats.   It’s an entirely different experience close up.

– I hate when dark denim isn’t pre-washed to get rid of that extra dye.  It annoys me to no end.

– It goes without saying that I love my little girl.  But lately I’ve been amazed to realize how much that love has become an extension of who I am.  She has changed me, it’s cliche, but it’s true.

– I’m finally starting to get on top of digital photo storage and have plans for some decent re-organization.  This is going to lead me to *drumroll* finally printing and framing pictures of Baby Girl!  No more empty picture frames on the dresser.  Au Revoir creepy stranger family in the frame on the buffet.  Awaiting a welcoming change to our Wedding Wall – which will hopefully soon be our “Family Wall”

– Aria has started pulling down my shirt to expose The Boob.  She’s been pulling at my shirt for months, but this weekend she officially mastered the “Boob Release.”  This is going to make going out in public very uncomfortable.  Why did I think that I wouldn’t have to deal with this until she was a toddler??

– I’ve been thinking about weaning. (Not thinking about doing it now, just thinking about the act of weaning which will happen someday in the future)  And it freaks me out.  My kid loves The Boob.  So much that I’m almost certain that her first word is going to be BOOB – unless you count that she says Mama/Dada as first words.  I guess those are her first words – but her THIRD word, will definitely be BOOB.  Anyways, I’m still not sure when I plan to wean, I love the idea of not pumping once we hit 12 months (if we make it to that point?) but I don’t know if that’s realistic or what would be best.   It worries me thinking about weaning though.  I hope that journey is not as bad as I’m imagining it.

– I adore my Momma.

– Her love for my little girl is vibrant, and it makes me so proud.  I hope that one day I’ll be the kind of Nana that she is.


10 thoughts on “Things and Pictures

  1. 1) I adore your momma too.
    2) Who are these negative, judgy people you speak of? I will slap them.
    3) I think it’s hilarious that Aria unveils your boob. Lulu never did that to me and now I feel slightly deprived. LOL
    *hugs* sweet girl

    • Consider yourself lucky in that respect 🙂 I’m terrified of going out in public and holding her. It’s bad enough that she would try to motorboat me…but now she can pull the shirt down lickity split…greeeeat.

  2. I am going to start reading your blog more often. It gives me this feeling of kinship. Cuz we all have really random, irritating, scary and emotional thoughts… And I love yours. 🙂 Especially about The BOOB. Is it weird that I already get anxious about getting to breastfeed one day? I honestly can’t wait.

    • Aww Marisa 🙂 Absolutely not weird 🙂 It is such an amazing journey. I never thought I would be this in love with breastfeeding…but it is so wonderfully amazing.

  3. 1) I adore the photo of your mom and Aria- so beautiful!
    2) I never breastfead and E will both motorboat me AND try to pull my shirt down in public, she has an obsession with having her hands on the boobs at all times. Clearly she has an inner obsession with the boob and I can no longer wear anything shy of a turtle neck in public.
    3) Um Hi- have I mentioned she’s beautiful in the last oh, 2 minutes? Cause she is.

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