Book Love by Blood

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, Ariadne loves books.  And reading.  It’s in her blood afterall.  Reading is one of my favourite ways to relax, and books are some of my favourite possessions.

Before she was born she already had a surprisingly impressive book collection.  Mostly it was full of all of my childhood favourites (I appreciate that my family kept all of this stuff, it’s so fun reading her things I loved) but we bought a few new ones along the way.  She has also given quite a few over the last 9 months.   Books seem to be a common gift in our world – and I love it!  There is no such thing as too many books.

Every night (unless it’s a particularly tiresome night for Baby Girl) we read a book.  For the last month it’s been the same book, There’s No Place Like Space . (Thanks Aunt Cara!)  It’s the one she likes the best.  Obviously this is most likely due to the educational aspect of learning about complex bodies like the Sun and Uranus.  But she also appears to thoroughly enjoy the sing songy rhymes and how I get ridiculously into the part that discusses how big Jupiter is (I mean, how is that NOT insanely interesting?!)

It tickles me senselessly that she loves reading, and that it’s Space she loves the most!

Of course, she also enjoys other books, and will quickly grab at any book laying near her.

Recently, she began reading to us!  I guess she figured we needed a break?  Picture my shock when she decided to get into character and break out the Little Dinosaur voice.


2 thoughts on “Book Love by Blood

  1. Too cute! My guys had tons, and tons of books and while tons and tons of toys
    always got to be too much–the tons of books never did. I miss reading to mine, especially the 40+ Little Critter books I would usually go through each night with Jason.

  2. Way too funny. She is definitely saying something. Just wish we knew what it is! Then again, maybe not! She has a cute little dinosaur voice though!

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