Mini Adventures

Lately life is all about the mini adventures.

We decided to head over to the train park this afternoon – which is pretty much on the complete opposite side of the city from us.  Since we were going to go over there anyway, I obviously made a requirement of the plan that we hit up Zoolikins because I can.not.resist. so that I could desperately try to obtain something I’ve been searching for – and will post about tomorrow.  Desperation is by no means a word of exaggeration for this situation.   You’ll see.

So just after Ariadne woke from her morning nap and feed, we piled in the car, picked up my Mum and headed over.  Originally this was going to be a picnic, but a quick reflection on the time (because no trip to Zoolikins is complete without making sure that there isn’t something else we needed that we didn’t plan to get) led us to a stop at Paradise Bakery for sandwiches and baby watching fun.  I love watching Ariadne eat, she’s really starting to get into the foods we eat (after the whole failed Baby Led Weaning incident) and loves feeding herself.

Then we made a quick jump to the park.

Once scoring VIP parking in the front row (how does that happen on a Sunday, on the first “hot” day of the year, at the busiest park IN THE WORLD?) we took our sun ready baby to the carousel!

Which didn’t go so well.  I mean, it didn’t go badly, but we’re pretty sure she’s freaked out by it.  She was totally into holding on to the bar and checking out the inner mechanisms to make sure the thing wasn’t going to fall apart on us, but otherwise, not too excited.  As to be expected.  Fun nonetheless!

The train was totally fun.  Ariadne loved the people watching, and we all waved at the picnicers.  She especially loved it when we were getting off and the lady behind us started chatting to her.  This baby is all about people giving her attention.  If she’s eyeing you, and you avoid direct eye contact, you can bet your bottom dollar that she’ll be going all Dramatic Chipmunk on you.

Anyways…by this point we’d been there for maybe 45 minutes, and Ariadne started rubbing her sunglasses (trying to rub her eyes in sleepy motions, but the sunglasses thwarted her plans) so we decided to pack it up and take the baby home.

We had done enough adventure seeking for one day, and know that our little girl had fun, so swings or no swings we considered the day a major success.

Here’s to many more weekends of mini-adventures (and the two big huge major adventures we have coming up next month!)



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