The Diaper That Almost Wasn’t

We all know I’m obsessed with our cloth diapers.  Well, hopefully in a second you’ll understand the less level-headed, way more shallow reason why.

The primary dipes we use are Bum Genius 4.0 pockets.  The only problem with these dipes are that there aren’t very many pattern options.  You see, BG mainly makes colours, not patterns like other brands.  This is awesome for a number of reason, and the colours are truly great…but sometimes, sometimes I want something with a little more oomph on my Girl’s tush.  Last year BG came out with a few patterns for a special collection.  I never bought them because they were more expensive than the plain colours, and I thought they were kind of ugly.

BUT THEN. (sorry, yelling.)

OMG THEN. (seriously, this is deserving of YELLING)

This year happened.

And this year they came out with three new awesome, fabulous, must have colours.

AND TWO PATTERNS. (holy crap)  That are both pretty much to.freaking.die.for.

Obviously I needed them.  All of them.

A month or so ago I was at Zoolikins to pick up a few more snap diapers since we’re moving away from the aplix (I swear, someday I’ll film that video and explain the details about our cloth experience and why snaps are our new BFF)  While there I just happened to spot….

Lovelace!  One of the two patterns.  I also picked up the Mirror and Dazzle colour dipes (Mirror is the blue on Lavelace, Dazzle is the purple and the last new colour is that rusty red called Sassy)

But when I got home I realized that I never looked for the Albert pattern. The Albert is a black and white dipe with a bunch of math/chemistry equations all over it.  Umm, hello…perfect for the baby of two nerds.

Since Zoolikins is halfway around the world from us (or more like 40 miles) I wasn’t going to make another trip.  So I scoured the interwebs.  Much to my dislike, everyone, even Cottonbabies, the manufacturers of Bum Genius, were backordered – with no estimated ship date.


Most people would call it a loss, and go along with their regular scheduled programming until they eventually came across it in stock somewhere.  Not eye.  ( oops…I mean, I…awkward)

No, I spent the last month trying to find some online retailer who had one.

And then I became desperate.  I started calling around to the local places that I knew carried cloth diapers.  No no no no no…until…I figured I should give Zoolikins a call again.

Oh Zoolikins.

Unfortunately, they only had in in aplix, and the lady at the store said that there was almost no chance that they’d see a new shipment for at least a few months since this dipe was so hard to find.  So of course I bought it.  As well as another Mirror, Lovelace and our first Sassy.  I wasn’t taking a chance again – although now, back at home, I kinda wish I’d got another Dazzle.  The deep purple is truly smashing.

But that’s the story, my friends.

Of a girl who was desperate for a diaper.

I’m telling you.  Cloth makes me so happy.

Specifically this diaper makes me so happy.

And this little girl?  Soo sooo soooo makes me happy. Especially when she’s got a nice fluffy butt.  I can’t imagine her any other way.

Nerd Alert!



3 thoughts on “The Diaper That Almost Wasn’t

  1. Ariadne’s outfit is so right in so many ways…. the mathematical equations on the bum, and the Paris t-shirt. If those little socks are the ones with stars on the bottom…. triple going for the home run… ….two of her favourite books at the moment……. Time to Sleep, My Love, Me and My Place in Space. Love the photos… love the dipe….. love that you love the cloth diapering…. love that our girl with the sensitive skin is thriving in the dipes… love the term “dipes”.

  2. I absolutely love BOTH diapers! I agree- snaps are my BFF. We bought a few Bumkins that have the velcro- not loving them as much.

    Seriously though- both of those dipes are beauitful- and I totally understand Fuzzibunz makes me angry with their lack of patterns… =)

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