Photo Vault 4

While going through Aria’s 8 Month photo file I realized that I had edited a bunch of pictures and never posted them.

Hey, at least I’m organized 🙂

Hope ya’ll are having a great Thursday!


5 thoughts on “Photo Vault 4

  1. Okay, can you do a column on editing photos. I have no idea what you mean when you say you edited them. Obviously, you didn’t have to photoshop Ariane’s love handles or crowsfeet…. her baby acne was left in when she was tiny so it wasn’t that. You didn’t add extensions, or a beauty mark. I don’t see a difference in the colour from these and the other photos you have on file, so what do you mean by editing.

    Thank you,
    Devoted Reader

    • LOL Mum…

      I edit for things like brightness, contrast, colour balance – and all my photos have to be re-sized so that I can post them or the files are too big – I keep all my edited (including resized) images separate from the original files that I would use for printing.

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