Nine Months

Holy Moley Guacamole

We have a nine month old!

The last month has been totally fun. We’re getting a taste of what having a little girl (and not a baby) is like and we are loving it!

This month, Aria

– is just over 19 lbs (55th%) and 29 inches long (95th%) and growing like a weed (she put on about a pound in just the last 3 weeks!)

– can move around like it’s her job – speed crawling, rolling, sitting up, pulling up, moving from different objects while standing, and walking while holding our hands.


– has tiny, like insanely small feet. She’s barely outgrown her size 2’s, but 3’s are too big. Today we bought some that were size 3-6 months, and they’re still too big. This makes finding shoes VERY difficult. I’m guessing she gets this from me, since I wear a size 6.5.

– plays very independently. Although she always has, I’ve noticed it a lot more recently.  She acts like we’re not cool enough to play with her, and practically guffaws at our attempts to play with her.

– can feed herself. She’s eating whatever we’re eating during meals, but also gets spoon fed if she gets bored of trying to feed herself.

– loves LOVES canteloupe, potatoes, pear, chicken, cheese and pita pizza (I just bake a pita with cheese on it for her.) She’s consumed that two nights in a row and is seriously nom noming it up. She’s cool with all vegetables. The only food we’ve consistently found that she hates is bananas. I keep trying, but she hates them. *sad face*

– says Mama (and we think sometimes Dada).

– no new signs, still “more” and “all done” when she feels like it. I think she may be getting the hang of “eat” but it’s too soon to tell. Oh and she definitely understands the sign for “milk” she just doesn’t reproduce it. How do I know? When I sign “milk” to her, she lunges for my chest and pulls my shirt down. Uh huh “milk”

– loves bath time. She always has, but she’s really into it now. After we get her naked she will crawl to the tub, pull herself up and bang on the top of the tub until we lift her in. Adorbs.

– points. She likes to point at things and hold our hands to point at things.

– hates having her face wiped, and having diaper changes. Also being removed from the vicinity of cords.

– is still nursing. I’m seriously amazed we’ve made it this long. It is such a blessing to have had this much success with breastfeeding so far.

– is starting to space out feeds. I’m noticing she is much less interesting in nursing, and will go quite a while between feeds.

– eats three solid meals per day as well as a bedtime snack in addition to her regular bottles and nursing sessions.

– LOVES the cats. She chases them around constantly. Before bed she absolutely must give both of them kisses. She’ll crawl over to them and put a big open mouth kiss on their head. It is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

– sleeps 7-8 hours straight through at night. She goes to bed between 7 and 8pm and will wake to nurse between 3 and 4am. Usually she’ll sleep until 6am after that – but 6am is her wake up time.

It’s been a great 9 months! This first year has just flown by so far. It was so strange to hear that her next well check at the pediatrician’s office is for her ONE year check up!


4 thoughts on “Nine Months

  1. That picture of Aria with the cat is HILAR. Oh my God, I’m still laughing. As is her understanding of milk. Please, please, please take me baby clothes shopping. Your child dresses exponentially cuter than mine, and we need to remedy that.

    Happy 9 months, sweet girl! Job well done, momma. 🙂

  2. Happy 9 month birthday, darling Ariadne. Where have the days and months gone? You are so beautiful. And growing! It seems like you were just a babe. But look at you! We are missing out on so much but love that you are growing so much. And I agree. Lucy lets u kiss her? That is so special….We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful granddaughter and we miss you so much. Mum and Dad might be very smart, but let’s just see them keep up with you!

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