Birthdays, Hail and a Llama?

So I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging much lately.  Work has been a bit crazy.  Resulting in quite a few super late nights and weekends working – as well as one morning where I got a 2:45am text that there was a major issue that only I could fix – right.that.second.  If anyone has ever worked on a grant before, you know what I’m talking about.  You probably also know what it’s like to be responsible for delivering said grant.  I wouldn’t be lying if I admitted to taking someone with me and telling her explicitly “if we get in a car wreck, grab the box and RUN.  Just make sure it gets delivered!”

After the immense relief of that situation being over, I was so looking forward to this weekend!

We had two birthday celebrations – one for my brother on Friday, who doesn’t seem to be thrilled about turning thirty – and one today for a very special ONE year old.

Ariadne had been looking forward to the birthday bash all week long.

She made sure to get a long morning nap in, which lately has been more of a fleeting 30 minute nap.   And got dressed up in her party outfit that she’d been saving for a rainy day.


If you live in Phoenix, then you know that today was one of those weird days that we get a storm.  A huge winter storm blasted through our weekend.  Saturday the high was 85degrees and today it was about 50degrees…

We almost didn’t make it to the party because it seemed that God just didn’t want us to go.  First of all, I woke up with a migraine, which foiled my plans to wrap Lucy’s birthday gift and switch Aria’s car seat from the Camry to the Jetta.  So ten minutes before we needed to leave, I was rushing to wrap the gift and install the car seat.  Which obviously left me uber frustrated and screaming at the car because I was frustrated.  Usually  I have no problems installing car seats.  It was a bad morning.

Then my jeans ripped in the crotch.  Uh huh.  If you’ve been around me lately then you’ve probably heard me bitching endlessly about jeans.  Last month I got home from work on a Friday to find a 6 inch long gash in the butt of my favourite jeans…and since then I haven’t been able to find a decent pair of jeans.  The ones I wore this morning were my only other pair that I liked.  And now they’re goners too.

When I walked back into the house yelling “We’re not going!” The Hubs took charge and went to work on the seat while I changed.

Finally, he got the seat in and the baby strapped tightly.

And it started hailing.

Freaking HAILING.

So again, I did the whole, this is not meant to be, we’re not going, drama llama vent.

Baby was removed from the vehicle.

After five minutes of crying (me) and laughing, playing (Aria) I realized that we had so been looking forward to this day, and it was worth trecking out in the storm.

In the end, we showed up 20 minutes late, which was amazing considering we left half an hour late and there were lots of accidents (and snow on truck beds!) on the highway.

It was a great party, with lots of presents, lots of babies, cake (and just about the best red velvet whoopie pies I’ve ever eaten in my whole and a pretty girl in a tutu.

To end the adventurous day, on the drive home, we passed a truck pulling a trailer.  That was carrying a cow, a sheep and a LLAMA.

Now that’s something you don’t see everyday.

I am SO happy we went to the party!



5 thoughts on “Birthdays, Hail and a Llama?

  1. These photos were obviously taken in the between stages….. she’s usually strapped in her carseat tighter than the NASA astronauts and in these, she’s got a kinda off the shoulder strap style going on.

  2. And you two walked in looking totally gorgeous and completely unstressed! I gotta say that I’m glad I’m not the only one who has mornings like that, haha. We managed to get everyone in the car ok but then naturally, Ryan bathed himself with an entire sippy cup of milk on the drive over. I didn’t get a single picture of him in his cute party outfit and felt like a cruddy mom who lets her kid roll into a birthday party in back-up sweatpants and faded t-shirt. But I love how the kids have absolutely no realization that any of this is happening and only care about playing.

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