Into Everything

We can’t turn out backs for even a second anymore!  I swear this child is faster than a cheetah when she wants to be!

She’s sneaky, and will find the one cord that is in the room.  Even if it’s hidden behind something.

She’ll crawl under the desk to pull things out of the trashcan.

Pull herself up on things that aren’t stable (like her clothes hamper) and let go of everything she’s holding on to when she sees the cats.

She unties her own shoe laces so she can chew on them.

And pulls all of her clothes out of her hamper.

This stage came way quicker than I thought it would.

And along with it comes the “No” stage.  It breaks my heart to say “No” and watch her bottom lip curl out, her eyebrows redden, and the pre-cry whimper escape her mouth.

This stage reminds me that there was most likely a time when I was fearless.  When grabbing that toy was the most important thing ever, and there wasn’t anything painful about standing on my tiptoes for half an hour.

One day she’s going to be less adventurous and more timid.   It’s not a bad thing.  It’s just what happens.

But I hope she never stops being curious, or reaching for things that are just a little bit out of her comfort zone.

I hope she never loses her spirit.



3 thoughts on “Into Everything

  1. You, fearless? *smile* You were strong-willed; your dad and I were well aware that we walked a fine line between breaking your spirit and disciplining you. I grew up in a time and a household when girls were not so encouraged to display “spirit”. We knew you’d need to keep yours for the world you were growing up in. You’ve got a great balance there and I’m sure will guide Ariadne just fine.

    i love the photos, but that last one on her toes… just adorable.

    Love you,

  2. Love those shoes! And, baby girl, you go! Keep your parents on their toes! You are way too cute! Love the smile and give your parents heck like they gave us sometimes. I love the look when you are up to something. Love watching you learn and grow cause Mom and Dad are doing the same thing with you! Mom and Dad, you are going to have your hands full with this beautiful girl! Ha! Ha! We’re still doing that with Auntie Dani! P.S. Can we send her your way! Just kidding………Love her way too much too. Miss u all!

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