My Sick Loves

On Friday Aria was looking a lot like this


This is not a face we’re used to seeing in our house. In fact, I don’t think I had ever seen her look so sad, exhausted and sick before.

By the end of the day we had a pseudo back to normal baby girl.



Then we woke up late Friday night to her running a 103.3degree fever and just feeling miserable.

After a call to the on call pediactrician line, a dose of Tylenol, a lukewarm sponge bath and lots and lots of naked baby cuddles…Saturday morning we were back to normal happy baby.

She’s been plagued with insane amounts of snot, and a throaty cough…but as long as she’s acting normal, has no signs of infection or other serious illness… all will be well.


Of course, as with all contagious illnesses, The Hubs came down with the same cold the next day.

Such is life.

As much as I hate the thought of having a sick baby, I can’t lie – it was more than nice to have her warm arms wrapped around my neck, finding comfort in my embrace. It’s been rare lately that she wants a cuddle, always on the move. And since I truly knew she was going to be okay, I let myself kiss her head and just take in her loves.






3 thoughts on “My Sick Loves

  1. Oh, I hope everyone is feeling better. She looks so miserable. Such a sad face and her eyes sure show it too. Hope you all feel better and can have a good trip. I do love her pjs on her head. Still got personality even if you don’t feel good. Love you guys

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