On The Farm

Until this week I’d never been to a real farm. Funny, but I don’t think I have.

So while visiting family in Maryland, we visited a local creamery where most of my cousins have worked at some point or other (so I figure they like it there, eh?)

I felt right at home with all the milk cows. And it was a little strange to hear the familiar “ruh roh ruh roh ruh roh” sound of my breastpump…but this sound was coming from the giant udder pumps!


Aria loved it!

We showed her all the cows

They liked her too

We saw some sleeping piglets

and even a bunch or pregnant lady cows. Apparently they keep them all together?

My Aunt Cara made a comment about that brown cow halting right about when I took this picture. She shouted “Hey look, she’s going to give birth!!” and about two seconds later, she started peeing. But I don’t think the term peeing works when we’re talking about cows. It’s more like a faucet. On full blast.

We bought lots of fresh made dairy products. That were fabulous.

Good times.

I love this shot…even though I couldn’t get it in focus.

It’s so fun exposing Aria to all these new fun and awesome things!


2 thoughts on “On The Farm

  1. It looks like the one cow is trying to lick either Nana or Aria! Looks like a lot of fun! Hope you all are having fun with family that you never get to see! Enjoy!

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