10 Months!

It’s been another month of major changes in our little girl.   Just the last week has practically transformed out baby into an almost toddler.  Craziness!

Just like everyone told me, each stage, each month is better than the last.  I start thinking “Oh I love this phase, it’s my favourite!” and the next week Aria is doing new things and I love that stage even more.

This month, Aria is –

– About 20lbs (estimating based on her heaviness since her 9 month well check) and 29.5inches long.

– For sure, 100%, undeniably, most definitely, a ginger.  For serious.  I’ve known all along 🙂 but this was the first month where The Hubs actually admitted it.  Before that he’s been on the “maybe it just looks reddish in the sun?” fence.  If the colour wasn’t proof enough (gahhhh I love having a ginger baby!) her sure fire spark of a personality could convince anyone.  She is a spitfire that one.

– Sporting FOUR teeth.  That’s right.  Full frontal chompers.

– Wearing mostly 6-12 month clothes.  She can wear some  12 months things (for the length, she’s super leggy), but some are still very baggy, which is very concerning to me since I just spent half a fortune on her summer wardrobe (and bought all 12-18 month items!!!)  Grow BGWF grow!

She –

– Pulls up on everything with ease.

– Can get to a sitting position from flat on her back (holy abs of steel)

– Climbs the stairs unassisted (but attended, obviously) and quickly.  No, we did not teach her this.  Yes, I’m now in a baby proofing panic.  See next post for evidence.

–  Stands unassisted for a few seconds if she has good footing

– Feeds herself (pretty much completely on table foods now) but likes to eat off our forks.

– Can drink through a straw or sippy cup, by herself.

– Still has super tiny feet, but is almost fitting into her TOMS we bought her for Christmas.

– Loves to wave and clap with vigor.

– Has finally said her OFFICIAL first word.  Book!  We thought it was just a fluke, but Monday while watching her Baby Signing Time DVD, The Hubs watched her point at the screen and say “Booh” when they were doing the sign for book.  She says it constantly now when looking at books.

– Is very generous with her kisses…

– Hasn’t learned any new signs lately, but I’ll admit, we’ve been slacking a bit due to being constantly in a rush lately.

– Looooves food.  She’ll eat anything and everything.  This past month we started giving her more flavourful things, and it’s been going really well.  She adored the curry chicken Mum and I gave her last week, and was all over the marinated mushroom quesadillas I made this week.

Her favourite things are

-The Boob.  Not to be out-shadowed by her love of pinching my nipples (it’s totally as awesome as it sounds)

-Books.  But she prefers reading them to us.

-Cars.  The moment this girl laid eyes on a toy car (around Christmas) she knew exactly what to do with it.  Now she has quite the collection, and could be content for hours just racing them around the room.

-Being sung to (and singing along!) I invented the “Okie Dokie Artichokie” song this month.  When I told The Hubs that she liked that song, he replied “I don’t know the words”.  My response? “I just told you the three words of the song” Let’s just say I’m not the most creative when it comes to song verses.


-Playing “Big Girl!”  We say “Who’s the big girl?” and she raises her arms up in the air and giggles.

She is an uber genius and amazes us everyday with the new things she is learning.

Not only has this been a month full of learning and growth, but of new experiences!  Last week she visited family on the East Coast, and tomorrow we leave for our first real vacation – and her first international flight!


5 thoughts on “10 Months!

  1. I just totally laughed out loud to Okie dokie Artichokie. The stuff we come up with I swear!! Seriously this year is flying, I don’t like that they are (mine and yours) growing so quickly!!

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