Climbs Stairs, she does

Last week Aria did something that blew us away.

She climbed the stairs.

Unprompted and unassisted.

The Hubs says that she just crawled directly over to them and started going up.  No pausing to think “Hmm, how do I manage these things…” or checking to make sure she was supposed to be doing that.   It was as if she had always known how to get up them, and was just waiting fort he perfect time to show off.

So he stood behind her and let her go up.

When I got home, she did the same thing.

And she keeps doing it.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen her happier.

Except maybe when she was kissing  a Han Solo figurine.


3 thoughts on “Climbs Stairs, she does

  1. Aw! Her joy is palpable. Also, I can sort of relate to the Han Solo thing. She has good taste, that one.

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