These are my peeps

Vancouver rocks.

For the obvious reasons:

– It’s Canada – duh.

– It has the wonder Tim Horton’s on every street

– The people are Canadian style friendly, and I love that

– It’s super walkable and eco friendly

– Food.  Holy best shawarma.

and for the not so obvious reasons:

– It’s like the ginger capital of Canada!  Seriously, Aria and I blend in here versus standing out back home.

– There are a million and a half uppaBABY strollers here.  I’m not kidding.  Yesterday while on a three km walk, we saw at least 15.  Which obviously means we should live here too since I’m like the biggest fan of our uppaBABY Vista.

– They put ketchup out by the eggs in the breakfast buffet line – and ketchup on eggs is my FAVOURITE.


3 thoughts on “These are my peeps

  1. You are glowing; being in Canada agrees with you. Ariadne looks tired; she’s got bags under her eyes. But she looks happy with her mama! Do I hear “Okieeee… Dokie…. Artichokeeeeee”.

  2. AHHHH I love Ketchup and Eggs to.. Seriously I think we were supposed to be , sisters from another mother, or best freinds or just friends that totally rock the same wedding date, and love love love Ketchup with my eggs.. T loves em too,. Everyone thinks we are weird. But we think they’re weird for not loving Eggs with ketchup!! lol..

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