I’m usually one tightly wrapped frugal mama.

But there is one thing that puts a kink in my love for budgets.

Ariadne’s wardrobe.

This little girl…let me rephrase…this little BABY…has a wardrobe unlike any I’ve ever seen.

It started innocently enough.   In fact, in the beginning, I bought ONE outfit for Aria.  The day we found out that Baby Fay was BGWF, I picked up a little newborn romper.  We were so fortunate to have wonderful friends and family that gifted her wonderful clothes.  As well as lots and lots of hand-me-downs!  (Seriously, from just one friend we inherited about three huge storage boxes FULL of newborn – T4 sized clothes)

I don’t think I actually picked out any other clothes until she was a few months old.

In one day we discovered Baby Gap and Janie and Jack.  Double ouch.  And that was it.  My kryptonite was born.  And it hurt SO good.

I literally can’t go anywhere that sells baby clothes without melting into a pile of mush.  The other day I went to Target to pick up allergy meds and fabric softener.  I just had to wheel myself by the baby stuff and ran right into a brand new rack of Osh Kosh stuff.  If it wasn’t for the fact that they were out of the 12 months size in most of the things, I would have brought it all home.  Still, I picked up at least five things…

Honestly, it’s a little embarassing how much clothing she has… So far, three storage boxes full of the stuff she’s grown out of.

A closet and dresser full. (and this was after we had packed for Vancouver…)

Plus an undercrib storage bin and two more storage boxes of the next size up.

Maybe it’s a little excessive, but we’re cool with it.  And it may be a bit ridiculous, but not enough that I’m going to stop buying her clothes (especially since I just figured out the whole Gymboree system and now feel the urge to try and see if I can out-save myself by way of Gymbucks and sales).  Because it’s pretty much all I spend my fun money on and I LOVE her clothes.  And let’s face it, this kid isn’t shrinking.

I like to think that I’m investing in the potential that we’ll have another girl in the future.

If we have a boy though, I may need to rent an offsite storage unit to keep all the clothes we’ll accumulate.


3 thoughts on “Kryptonite

  1. Yes, her clothes are your weakness, but you don’t insist on filling her closet with expensive clothes, just cute ones. You’re a super-coup-er, sale and specials shopper and I don’t know anyone who can get the value out of Gymboree and Baby Gap like you can.

    As for all that stuff packed away, it does include some stuff (especially your baby clothes) that just didn’t make the seasons/size match-up, or let’s face it, love it or not, it just didn’t make the grade with all those contemporary hand-me-downs and the cute new stuff. I’m just grateful it’s packed away again, and not at a thrift store. *smile* It’s not, is it?

    It may be your kryptonite but at least it’s not booze, ciggies or male hookers *smile*. And it’s comfy and cute.

  2. I’m the opposite of you – Matthew repeats clothes, I’ve probably only spent $50 if that on his clothes. Mostly his clothes are hand me downs, and I only bought him a few things at places like Kid 2 Kid, Other Mothers, even Savers. I refuse to pay full price or more than $3 on a onesie!

  3. If I had a girl, I think I’d be the same way. I love dressing Ryan up in cute clothes, but the options are t-shirts, polos or button-down shirts. The girl clothes are soooooo fun, though! Keep buying!

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