My house is overrun with toys…and I’m so totally cool with it

If there is one thing you need to accept when making the transition from childless adult life to parent life – it is the following fact of parent life.

There will be toys.

A lot of them.

I swore when we were pregnant that Ariadne would not have a ton of toys all over the house.   I didn’t want to feel like every room of our home was devoted to housing toys.  I was very extremist at the time.  Toys were the devil.

The root of this feeling is that I grew up with basements.   Our family basement was primarily where all of our toys were kept.  We had some in our rooms but the majority were downstairs.  Which left the rest of our house to still look tidy and inviting anyone.

In Arizona, basements are hard to come by.  So when we started receiving lots and lots of hand-me-down toys, I panicked.  Where was I going to put all of these?!?!

So I came up with a plan.

I wanted to have nice places to store them, to put them out of sight when we had guests, but easily accessible for Ariadne to get.

Enter the worlds of storage ottomans, baskets and bins.

We have these white fabric bins in both her bedroom and the office, where all of her toys go from that day of playing.  They make it nice and easy to just throw them right in there and place in the corner at the end of the day.

And downstairs we have Ariadne’s new “toy cabinet” which I plan to deck out with neat things for just her.  For now she just has two baskets that all of her downstairs toys go in.

It works out really nicely.  We can put everything away when necessary, but can also let Ariadne roam around in her toy bins, pulling things out, throwing things all over the place – without fretting that there is no where to put them afterwards.

Still, someday’s I feel like there are toys everywhere.

But then I watch her play with them.  Exploring.  Learning.  Calling out “booooh” (book) or “bwooo bwa” (blue block) and I get so mushy that I might as well be an overripe banana that you stepped on.

Sure, toys are all over the house.  But I’m more than okay with it.  As long as I get to keep this munchkin.


5 thoughts on “My house is overrun with toys…and I’m so totally cool with it

  1. Toy storage is on my to do list. For now we have toys strewn about the living room and nursery; and at the end of the day I consolidate everything into one big heap.
    (That’s embarrassing just to type out.)

    • It sounds like an IKEA trip is in your future 🙂 Ariadne and I are all over that!

  2. I want to try and Skype some time. I know one of the kids uses it, but not sure if they use the picture part, we have a camera so I will let you know.

  3. Cara, I absolutely love Skype. I don’t know what we would do without it now. Love our granddaughter and it is a way for us to see her grow and talking visually is so awesome with Jaye and Der. We miss them and this is the best way to feel we are together!

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