11 Months Young

** Originally written on May 9th**

Today is a big day. Today we are less than one month away from having a one year old. In thirty days my baby, my almost toddler, will graduate to being a kid.


Part of me is so sad over this transition. Babyhood lasts such a short span of time. In the beginning it feels like it will never end. As if the sleepless nights will go on for an eternity. You’re always waiting for a milestone, wondering “when are they going to start doing___________” and it makes time go slowly. But before you know it, you’re speeding through, hardly recognizing that you had a newborn for more than a few minutes.

As much as I miss my tiny newborn, wrinkled, pink and new – I can’t take my eyes off this little lady that she grew into. She is so grown up, so smart, so curious, adventurous, brave. It’s hard to believe that one year has almost passed since she ceremoniously popped out from between my legs. And I keep remembering that I only get 17 more of these before I’ll be sending her off to start her life.

Time is too short.

Enough of the sappy stuff! In other news, I love this girl more than humanly possible! My daughter is the very most coolest person I know.

This month, Ariadne is:

– Getting bigger. She’s definitely filling out a bit and getting more dense.

– With the exception of her feet. Still tiny. Still not fitting into her size 3 shoes.

– Growing lots of hair! And still very much a ginger.

– Sporting five teeth and potentially cutting a sixth.

– Cruising and crawling all over the house. No walking yet, but she can stand on her own solidly (while dancing!)



– Starting to be very talkative. Although it’s not 100% consistent, she says – book, bird, cat, water – and calls me “Mum” and The Hubs “Da”

– Signing up a storm! I think she’s getting to the age where the signs catch on quickly. All of a sudden she started preferring “please” over “more” and signs that when we ask “Do you want more?” She signs “more”, “all done”, “please” and “sleep”.

– Still nursing twice a day and getting two bottles of breast milk while I’m at work (she had a third nursing session in there until about last week)

She loves:

– Waving, pointing, blowing kisses and giving high fives.


– Talking on Skype/FaceTime

– Eating. She is such a wonderful eater! Recent loves are: yogurt, chicken sausage, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, olives and kiwi.

– Drinking water out of a straw sippy cup.

– Helping pull the cord to turn on/off the fan in her room.

– Rubbing her hair when asked “Where is your hair?”

– People. She will charm the socks off anyone and everyone.

– Brushing her teeth.

– Colouring when we’re at restaurants that give out crayons.

– Watching her signing DVDs. We’re on volume three of the Signing Time series.

– The King of the Hill theme song

She does not love:

– Bananas. What is wrong with my child?!?! Or kale.

– Sippy cups that require head tilting action.

– Being told no. But then again, who does?

– When the cats don’t let her kiss them.

She’s a doll. Truly. These have been the best11 months of my life. And in just a few short weeks, we’ll be celebrating one year…


2 thoughts on “11 Months Young

  1. And I can’t believe how she’s grown. You are so right. Where has the time gone. She is so beautiful, inquisitive, she looks so much like Mom and see Dad in her too! She is growing so fast and all I can say is enjoy every minute of it! We love Skype but are missing so much. Please give her all the hugs you can from Gram and Gramps. And Auntie Dani. Who by the way would love to babysit if she were there!

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