One Year Old.

How did that happen?

I swear, it was just yesterday that I was pregnant.  And yet today, I watched my little girl dive (literally) into her very first birthday cake!

We’ll get to all the cake fun later, but for now let’s talk BGWF and all her one year old glory!

At one year old, she is:

– Probably hovering around 20/21lbs.  She’s a tiny.  Pictures will prove that she is just like me when I was her age.

– 31inches tall.

– Wearing mostly size 12 month clothing, but can still fit in some 6 month items, and has grown into a few 18 month things.  Sports size 3/4 shoes.

– Sleeping very well – WOOHOO!  She goes down at about 7:30-8pm and wakes around 6am.

– Growing LOTS of hair.  It’s coming in fast and furious now.

– Still nursing morning and at bedtime, and gets one sippy of breast milk during the day.  (and Mama officially stopped pumping!)

This month, she:

– Cut her sixth tooth!

– Battled her 5th cold.

– Took her first unassisted steps!  But is holding off on officially walking, maybe later this month.

– Can stand for long periods of time, and cruises all over the place.

– Had a spectacular photoshoot with Latricia.

– Started swim lessons!  She’ll go all summer, four times a week.  Then in the Fall we’ll start once a week classes.

– Decided that “Please” is her favourite sign.

– Learned to sign “Brush Teeth”

– Started saying Nana.

She Loves:

– My cell phone.  Thanks to FaceTiming with Nana on it, she thinks that Nana lives in my phone and will constantly pick it up and declare “Nana!”

– Food.  Recent loves include tomatoes, applesauce muffins, nectarines, strawberries and watermelon (although she may have been into those last two, last month…I can’t remember)

– Water.  Seriously, this girl can down a sippy of water in no time at all.  She also loves swimming in it!

– Walking while holding your hand.  Now that she’s starting to take steps, she’s realized how awesome assisted walking is again.  It has a new level of excitement attached to it.

– Going to the library.

– Singing and dancing to just about anything.  If there is music, this girl is moving.

– The book, “Are you my mother?”  She will sit and look at each page over and over again.  I let her be once with it just to see how long it would entertain her.  I stopped checking the clock after she’d spent 25 minutes with it.

She hates:

– Not much…

– I honestly can’t think of anything to add to this!

It’s been yet another awesome month.  Definitely full of emotions, both happy and sad moments for Mama over here…more on that later.  But it’s also been one of the strongest bonding months for BG and I.  More on that later 🙂  She’s growing into quite the young lady, and is so bright, loving and just simply amazing.

I am so excited to see what the toddler-hood has waiting for us!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!  We love you to the edge of the Universe and back!

And a sneak peak at CAKE

I should be back with more very soon!


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