Cake Eating for Dummies

Step 1 – Assess the situation

Step 2 – Carefully attempt to make contact

Step 3 – Because you’re a very generous Birthday Girl, offer your findings to your guests

Step 4 – When they make no attempt to lick the icing off your fingers, take matters into your own hands – err – face?

Step 5 – Contemplate whether or not this new stuff is delightful or tastes like feet

Step 6 – After carefully scrutinizing, feel free to express your true feelings

Step 7 – Nom Nom Nom

Step 8 – Once you’ve had your fill (three to five ladylike bites) proceed to hydrate yourself and don’t forget to offer your sippy to the guests!

** And that is the story of how my little lady took ten minutes of encouragement to taste her cake, took three bites, loved it, signed  “all done” and quickly left to go play.  I guess she takes after her mama, who likes sweets but much prefers the savories! **


7 thoughts on “Cake Eating for Dummies

  1. Boo… watch the video of her cake tasting on my iPad. You’re clicking away like mad, it sounds like paparazzi at the Oscars! And watching Ariadne delicately plant her lips into the cake is worth watching too!

    Great photos and blog post. Clever!

  2. Adorable!! This is exactly how Ryan was with cake. As someone who LOVES sweets, I was slightly appalled. Guess he takes after my hubby, who is like you – enjoys a little sweet, but just isn’t that into it.

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