Dinosaur Birthday – Tutu Style

Somewhere between the time Ariadne was born and she reached 8 months old, we decided that she would have a dinosaur themed first birthday party.

There wasn’t some big discussion about it, no theme planning.

Literally, one day, we had no birthday plans, and in an instant (I liken it to the momentous nonsensical creation of the Universe) we were having a dinosaur party.

Dinos and Tutus, that is.

And really, is there ANY theme out there better than Dinos and Tutus?


Go ahead.  Be jealous that you didn’t think it up.

And feel free to use it for your own – I share well.

Anyways.  So on to the party.

It started with a special little girl, sporting the freaking cutest outfit that EVER EXISTED.

I wish I had a dinosaur tutu…

The kids food table, which sat under the wonderful banner that my Mum made for Ariadne.  It’s beautiful, and the flags are removable, so we can hang them on different string/rope to match any of her birthday themes.  A great idea in order to use the same banner letters every year!

For the kiddos I went big on portable, kid friendly foods.  Fruit in waffle cups, veggies and ranch in small cups…

Dinosaur PB&J sandwiches and cucumber sandwiches.

On the bottom there you can see the edge of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip that I made, finally.   It is to.die.for.  On animal crackers, graham crackers, pretzels, apples….oh yum.   I do suggest decreasing the cream cheese measure a tad.  I doubled the batch, but only did 1.5 the cream cheese measure, and if I had used more I think it would have been too cheesy.

T-Rex sugar cookies!

As much as I’m a big earth/green friendly type of gal…there really isn’t a good way of hosting an eco friendly kid party.  So for today, I put away the banquet china, glassware and silverware…and we did the disposable stuff.  I figure once in a blue moon isn’t too bad…plus, it gives a reason to make homemade water bottle labels!

The grown ups also had similar fare, but I added in some homemade pita chips, hummus, a green salad and these glorious sandwiches.  I made 36 of these sliders, and there were about 20 adults.  Not one was left.  They are quite the party pleaser.

And for dessert

Strawberry cupcakes, made by my good friend (and baker!) Tay.

They were delish!

Oh, did I mention that I slaved over a four tiered TUTU cake stand?  It made me incredibly happy!

For the decor, we stuck with simple.

White painted dinosaur toys, wearing…TUTUS.

I die.

And more Cricut dinosaur cutouts that matched her invitations.

Not to forget the photo wall!  Ariadne:  Just Born, through ONE year!

For the kiddos to take home, I painted reusable canvas bags with their dinosaur name and stuffed them with some dino toys-

Yes, I do realize that “dactyl” is spelled wrong.  I forgot to take a picture of all of the bags lined up, and this bag happened to be the last kiddo to leave – and unfortunately it was an “oops” bag, that somehow ended up on the table…. Will – I have the proper bag, spelled right, if you want to trade that one back in 🙂

I also made dino eggs for the kids.  They have a toy hidden inside, which can be retrieved by breaking the egg open.

It was more than a wonderful day.  We had so much fun.

Ariadne loved it all.  She literally had a smile on her face, as bright as the sun, as soon as she put on her outfit and came downstairs.  Watching her enjoy the party and play with all of her friends made my day.

Thank you to everyone who came!




12 thoughts on “Dinosaur Birthday – Tutu Style

    • The cupcakes were out of this world yummy, and so pretty. The photos don’t do them justice but every bite was divine! I’ll be recommending your expertise to anyone looking for cupcakes, GBS.

  1. The party was wonderful, Boo! It gave me a chance to be creative and to get my hands into crafty, fun, little girl ideas. We get so few chances to do that, it’s always fun to take the opportunity when it comes, get those creative juices flowing. It was well worth the effort and the time put in. Thanks for letting me help!

  2. That outfit!!! Oh my goodness!!! It really doesn’t get any better ❤ Our babies are growing up so quickly.

  3. It looks like you made an amazing day for your daughter. Just looking at the pictures reminded me of how creative your mom was years ago and it looks like you have inherited all her majic for fun and excitement for another generation to enjoy!!! Hugs to all of you!!

  4. Looks like it was a great party! I think it is true what they say that great minds think alike. We have been planning a Dino party for Zach too! Haha minus the tutus of course! I love those Dino eggs, how did you make them?

    • Thanks Jenn!
      The Dino Eggs are really easy to make! You mix 1 cup flour, 1 cup DRY USED coffee grounds, 1/2 cup salt, 1/4 cup sand and 3/4 cup water to make a dough. Then shape around a small toy and let dry until rock hard 🙂 I found one batch of this made 4-5 eggs depending on the size that you mold to.

      Let me know if you need any help with any dino related stuff! It’s such a fun party theme!!

  5. Hi! I was just wondering how you made the mini tutus for the dinosaur toys. Also, where did you get the dinosaur toys? It’s all super cute! Thanks!

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