Vacation. I need another.

We so rarely take vacations.

Although, now that I’ve said that, I realize that we’ve been on three airplane trips and one road trip since January.

Let me rephrase.

There is no such thing as too much vacation.

Vacations are everything that is good with the world.

They are:  (Illustrated with pictures of BGWF, because I pretty much only take pictures of her!)

– Long evening drives in monsoons, heading to the beach.

– An excuse to try out new hairstyles


– Thai Tea ice cream – LIKE WHOA


– Enjoying fresh plums and nectarines straight from the farmers market stand

– Surprise trips to a mall for your Mum, just to take her to American Girl Place.  And realizing that sometimes you do just the right thing when your brother later tells you “Bird, you did good, you made Mum happy.”

– New bathing suits, and begging for just one more dip in the pool.



– High fives all around when your husband miraculously parallel parks the rental SUV after you had a panic attack at the thought of trying it


– Failed family pictures


– They are, lots of singing.  So much singing of “All the Little Raindrops” that you start making up your own renditions.  Country, rap and techno style.

– Walks to the beach that end up in not so much beaching because its so cold.  All the while, secretly loving the fact that it’s too cold to dip your feet in the water because it means you’re getting a break from the 120degree summers of home.

– Cheesy grins and baby giggles.  Lots and lots of baby giggles.


– Suprisingly amazing lunches, on the patio of bookstores.


– Midday naps because you can

– Nightcaps because you can

– Sleepy drives home, and sighs when you realize that you have to go back to work tomorrow.

It was good while it lasted, we hope to see you again soon, Vacation.


One thought on “Vacation. I need another.

  1. You make your Mum very happy every moment of every day, with every breath you take and every beat of your heart. It’s hard to surprise the old mama bird though, but when you do… you do a good one!!!!! American Girl Place was exactly what I wanted it to be… a shrine to girls…. giggles and wide eyes and tremendous joy. You could reach out and touch the giddy anticipation in every little girl there, and every parent you saw had the same sparkle in their eyes….. their little girls were in their own heaven and they brought them to that magical place. There is no greater joy for a parent than to provide that kind of joy to their child. In my case, it was reversed, but the joy was just as heartful! I am overwhelmed that you gave me such a gift. It was almost as wonderful as my granddaughter!

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