Ariadne’s New Nickname

Ariadne has a new nickname.

And she decided on it all by herself.

About three weeks ago, she started repeating her name after we said it.

Except she wasn’t repeating Ariadne.  Or Aria.  Or Ari.  None of the names that we have used for her over the last year.

Instead, she simply said Adne (Add-Knee)

I think it’s hilarious, because obviously it’s the only part of her name she can actually say.  But as it turns out, I think it’s a perfectly fitting nickname.

For one, it’s adorable.

And secondly, it’s what my good friend Mya’s son, Wyatt has always called her.  Since she was born, he’s always called her (and me most of the time – go figure) Baby Adne.  I always thought it was cute 🙂

So it’s official.  Ariadne, Aria and Ari will now be known as Adne.  At least when we aren’t calling her Ariadne, Aria or Ari.

Old habits die hard.



2 thoughts on “Ariadne’s New Nickname

  1. For the record, I love it! Wyatt looked at the screen and said “Look! It’s Baby Adne!” Haha

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