The Making of a Walking Toddler

There are many different levels of “normal” when it comes to when and how babies transition from cruising to walking.

Around me, the norm tends to be relatively early walkers (9-11 months) which quite honestly, made me feel slightly concerned when Ariadne wasn’t walking anywhere close to that.  But let’s be clear here – I worry about everything even when I have absolutely zero reason to.

So the day before her first birthday, when she started taking 3-4 unassisted steps by herself, I was relieved.

And with my First Time Mom brain, figured she’d be a full time walker within a week or so.

But no.  Ariadne was perfectly content in crawling, cruising and taking the occasional step here and there.  We practiced walking constantly,and she got better.  Yet, even with the practicing, I could tell that there was a little itty bitty issue with her getting enough balance and confidence to keep going…

Like Buddy from Dinosaur Train always says, “I have a hypothesis!”

My hypothesis was that Ariadne’s considerably small feet, combined with her french string bean body type status were not allowing her to get the balance she needed for the big walking.  It was like she was teetering on sixteen foot stilts, with tiny pegs for feet.

We waited, knowing that one day she would magically chunk up a bit (right around the same time she started eating like a Hoover – err…Dyson in our house) and wouldn’t you know, within three weeks of her birthday, she’d gained two pounds, and her feet grew about half an inch!

Almost overnight her walking got better and better.  Ariadne started taking 10-15 steps by herself, but still preferred crawling most of the time.  I wasn’t too disappointed by this because our main floor of the house is all tile, and I was very nervous about her taking lots and lots of tumbles on it until she was good and ready.

And then, last week, at 13.5 months old, my baby became a full on walking, trying to run everywhere, Toddler.

It was literally.over.night.   And when she took off, she just went and never looked back, it was almost like she had always been walking.  This video was off one of her first tries that day, notice one stumble, but overall lots of confidence, speed and stability!  (please forgive the lack of clothing on my child…I just had to post it!)

Now, you can’t stop this girl!  She’s everywhere all at once, and is absolutely loving her new mobility!

As for me?  I’ve learned that as with all things baby related, it takes time, and it happens in THEIR time.  You can’t rush it, and sometimes, you just need to stop worrying.  Boy do I wish I could use this logic in my everyday worrying…


2 thoughts on “The Making of a Walking Toddler

  1. Cailin was the same way! She started taking a couple unassisted steps at about 11 months, and I was like “she’ll be walking by her birthday!” Then she didn’t. My girl is just really cautious and over dramatic when she hurts herself. She was completely content with crawling. Then she would only walk while holding onto someone’s hand/finger for the longest time. Finally around 14 months she got enough courage to walk on her own. 🙂

  2. Ryan was the same way – solidly cruising at 11 months, first “real” steps at 13 months… and then didn’t fully walk until 15 months. If I’m being totally honest, I was starting to wonder what the heck he was waiting for. But now I know it’s just another example of his ultra-cautious nature. He wasn’t going to walk until he was darn sure he wouldn’t stumble. And he very rarely did fall once he started walking. I guess sometimes it makes more sense in hindsight.

    Also, that picture of you and A at the end of the post? Gorgeous!

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