Life-Changing DIY Art

For a long time now I’ve been looking for an easy and cheap alternative to photo canvas’.  I really wanted one for over Ariadne’s crib, and had the perfect photo to use.  The only problem was, I just couldn’t justify the cost.  Even for a small canvas, you’re talking a few hundred bucks!  Money that I would much rather spend on something else.

There are a ton of DIY tutorials out there for Modge Podging a photo to a canvas, or transferring the image to a plank of wood.  Those ideas are great, but they still rely on a large scale expensive photo print.

Well, this week, an amazing alternative fell into my internet loving lap.

I was reading Bower Power and saw the awesome photo mount that Katie did for Will’s bedroom.   It was huge, beautiful, simple and the best part?


The secret comes in the form of a project that has been circulating Pinterest as of late.  The key is using a super duper cheap engineer print of your photo.  You can get these engineer prints done at almost any office supply store.

Umm hello!

I was all in.  So, I sent our photo to Staples online, and ordered a 24″x36″ print for, wait for it…


Then picked up a piece of cheap insulation board for, wait for it…


And simply trimmed the photo and glued it to the insulation board.

It was the easiest and cheapest art project I’ve ever done, and has a massive impact.  Where have you been all my life, engineer prints?!

The only slight problem can be seen close up

The right edge has a slight distortion in printing.  It probably depends on the machine used, how much of the paper roll is left, or whether or not the print is pulled out of the machine pre-mature.  None of which I’m complaining about.  Not for a project that cost less than $8.

I’m so happy to finally have something above her crib.  And I’m even more pleased that it’s a piece of insulation board that weighs less than a pound and wouldn’t hurt her if it happened to fall.  I don’t expect it to since it’s hanging from a bunch of super strong velcro strips, but just in case something did happen, I feel good about it.

Now that I know how simple it is, you can bet I’ll be making a bunch more prints for the rest of our house!


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