A Blossoming Personality

I know I haven’t been around much lately.

I could write out some long winded explanation filled with apology…but the thing is, I’ve just not been up to it.  I’ve been pre-occupied with life, and absorbing it.  I’ve been trying to figure out how this blog fits in.  I still haven’t quite figure it out, but while I’m working on it, I’ll try to post more than once a month 🙂

Recently quite a few things have been “explosive” when it comes to Ariadne.

For one, her feet.

Remember how I used to write about how she had the tiniest feet that just wouldn’t grow?

Well, in a short two-three week period of time, she went from wearing size threes that were way too big, to her toes curling over the edge of her size fours!  Explosive feet!  Which means the $35 we spent on her first pair of Stride Rite shoes (size 4.5) a few weeks ago was pretty much a waste since they have maybe another five minutes before they’re too small.

Yesterday we went to start picking up new shoes for the Fall/Winter since obviously the foot situation is needing some attention.

Ariadne has decided that she loves the first new pair.


She has been clomping around the house in them every chance she gets


And she laughs, squeals and clomp clomp clomps.

Which leads me to the second explosion in our house.

Her personality.


She’s such a big personality.

One that can be seen clearly through the following pictures I took while asking her to “jump on your bean bag chair.”

She throws herself at her bean bag chair.  Laughing as she runs towards it.  Slipping off the side.

And then does it again.

Lands face down, and plays “sad.”

Sad is the game that I play when I really want a hug and kiss from a little girl who keeps running circles around the kitchen island.

Basically I pout and pretend to be sad until she comes over and gives me kisses and hugs.  Lately, she’s been playing copycat.  She lays down and makes these “uhhh uhhh uhh” sounds until I come and smother her in kisses.


And then she smiles this coy smile.   And giggles.  And releases the loudest belly laughs I’ve ever heard.

How is she old enough to be silly, intentionally…  Copy cat our actions…  Know how to make us laugh…  ?

My lovely, fiery little girl.






4 thoughts on “A Blossoming Personality

  1. She’s certainly a blessing. Every day there is something new; she astounds me at the rate she learns, grows and interprets the world. She tickles me saying yellow…. one hug with her little hands patting and stroking while she squeezes with her arms around my neck melts my heart, and she only has to start laughing to make everything right in this world. She is more awesome than I could have ever imagined… the perfect blend of her mama and daddy.

  2. It is so amazing to watch these little girls come into their own! Ariadne is just radiant Jaye! I love her little shoes (and obvious great taste) but more importantly just how confident she is in herself!

    P.S. I’ll admit I’m secretly relieved to hear that E is not the only little girl I know sporting a size 5… I was starting to worry that she had freakishly big feet.

    P.P.S This is also why I always buy stride rites via babysteals or kidsteals. I’ve never paid more then I think $22 for a pair. They’re on frequently 🙂

    • Aww thanks Jenn! We’ll have to get the girls together for a play date soon.

      I don’t think 5 is big at all! For the most part, Ariadne’s feet still look so small to me compared to other kids I know 🙂 Our girls just have healthy sized toesies!

      Love Babysteals. I’m hoping to find her a new pair of SR sneaks on there in the next few weeks. I just ordered her some pink loafers off Zulily that I can’t wait to see in person!

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