15 Months

These updates seem to be so far apart now that we’re passed the one year mark!

The last few months have been unbelievable.

I never thought I would love having a toddler as much as I do.  Early on I was very nervous for this stage, and quite honestly, it is challenging.  But it is so much more amazing than challenging.

This post is about to be taken over by pictures.  Word of warning.

Mama Pride

At about 13.5 months, Ariadne started walking.  Then shortly after that, she began trying to run.  She can now run across the house, giving me a heart attack every time because I think she is going to trip or run into something.

She’s got about 10 words: Daddy (or Da, Dad or Dada), Mama (or Ma), Nana, Adne, Girl, Shoes (Schoo), Book, Ball, Blue, Hi, Yellow, Tree, Baby, Here, That, No, Yum…okay, more than 10 words!

She makes animal noises: woof woof, moooooo, meow, ah ah ah ah ah and quack quack

She can point to her head, hair, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, feet, toes, hands and bellybutton.

She can sign more, all done, please, sorry, eat, water, brush teeth, sleep, cheese, cookie, apple and bath.

We’ve been working on colours lately.  Ariadne can point out yellow, blue, red and green.

Things we Love

We’re still very lucky with a good sleep schedule.  Ariadne sleeps from 7pm-6:30am and takes one nap in the middle of the day that lasts about 1.5-2 hours.

I’m not exactly sure when it started, but within the last few months she started getting FRECKLES!   Honey, you got your Daddy’s brown eyes, but my ginger blood is shining through in those sparkles!

Every night at bedtime we have this hilarious routine where Ariadne will “tell” us all to go to sleep.  She’ll run her hand down each of our faces (the sign for sleep) including the cats, and her dolls.  Then I have to ask her if she is going to go to sleep for her to finally sign sleep for herself.  I really do think she has the impression that we all go to bed at 7pm.

Ariadne is an amazing eater.  She’ll eat just about anything, which makes our lives easy.

Pixie smiles.  That’s what I’ve decided Ariadne’s most precious smile is, a pixie smile.

Things Ariadne Loves

Ariadne has two security items, a small Cabbage Patch doll named Fly and a monkey blanket.

She LOVES her clothes (see I’m not the only one!) and gets a kick out of picking her outfits every morning.

Playing outside, whether that be going on walks, playing at the park or in the backyard with the hose.

Her favourite foods are meat (any kind), grapes and peas.


Her 15 months pediatrician visit was today and she weighed in at just over 23 pounds and almost 33 inches.  The jury is out on what her weight percentile is, the MA at the pedi office wrote it down as 86%, but my online resources say that it’s more like 50%…who knows but I’m going with closer to 50%.  In height, all resources say 95% or higher!  That’s our tall girl!

Currently, she is wearing size 12-18 clothes for the most part, but can fit in some 12 month (and even a few 9 month things!)

Just started wearing size 5 shoes.  Some brands are still a tad too big though.

Just sprouted her 7th and 8th tooth.  Both upper lateral incisors, and they are very slowly growing down.  Still no molars!


Toddlerhood is so much more than I ever thought it could be.

I’m constantly in awe of how much I love this little creature we made and are raising.  It’s this overwhelming type of love that I can’t even begin to describe.  The kind of love and admiration that pulls me into my sleeping toddler’s bedroom late at night, and makes me pick her up, and rock her sleeping body in my arms.

Suddenly I’m realizing that I may kind of  be just like that creepy mommy I keep pointing out to Ariadne in the book I’ll Love You Forever.

And I don’t even care.

You would do the same.



I mean, just look at this face!








3 thoughts on “15 Months

  1. The photos are stunning, Boo. Great job. and … she roars like a dinosaur and does a great pterodactyl imitation complete with arm/wings and arrr arrrr sounds. Truly, if you close your eyes, you’d think a pterodactyl was in the house.

    We are so blessed with this adorable creature…. thank you for these beautiful photos too.
    Love you bunches.

  2. She is more and more beautiful everyday. She is so precious and I miss her so much. She has grown so much. Such great pictures! Please keep them coming cause I it does me good to see those. Ginger and brown. Gotta luv it. Freckles? Wonder where she gets those adorable freckles from. It must be her adorable Mom! Man I miss you guys. Do you feel like I’m missing you all cause I truly am…….

  3. Look at how red her hair has gotten! Gorgeous! These next few months are amazing with growth. From 15-18(and beyond I’m finding out) they start talking SO much more, learning so many different things. It’s so awesome to witness.

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