Mini Me, Mini You

People are always telling me that Ariadne looks like a perfect mix of The Hubs and I.  When she was younger I totally thought so.  In some pictures she was my twin, and in some, she was so her father.

Now that she’s a bit older, and her traits are setting in a bit more, I definitely see MY personality shining through, but her looks, I find so hard to pinpoint.

For reference:

Sorry, not easy to access a digital baby photo…but that’s Little Jaye!

and Baby The Hubs!

Her eyes are definitely from her Daddy, although the colouring is much lighter than the Fay family eyes.  Those lashes came from both of us.  Absolutely.  Blessed with some awesome eyelashes is this child.The unruly hair I’m pretty sure belongs to her father, although I call the colour!  Her Daddy’s eyebrows for sure.I think her nose is kind of like both of ours, but I’m not so sure. The tucked in bottom lip, maybe mine?I have no idea where this adorable grin comes from, but it melts my soul!That’s her Daddy right there.  Look at this free spirit!  I have NO idea where she got that from!

It’s fun to hear that she looks like us, even though I can’t always tell 🙂  The next few years will be fun to analyze all of our little us pictures and see who she’s looking more and more like.


2 thoughts on “Mini Me, Mini You

  1. OMG, she is SO Derek! I actually thought that was her in his pic, but was all like, why is she dressed like that and that picture is weird. haha!

  2. I don’t know……I see a beautiful granddaughter who is so beautiful in her own right coming from such a beautiful Mom and handsome Dad….as you said-A free spirit. Still love that combo of ginger and brown eyes. There you go…Mom and Dad all over.

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