Fluffy Butts: Our Stash(es)

Deciding which type of cloth diapers to use can be a tough decision.

As many people in the cloth diapering community will tell you, cloth is not a one size fits all item.  There are so many options and brands, and they all work better/worse for different families.  Diaper trials are a great way to test out the types and see what works best before committing.  If you’re interested in a trial, check out your local cloth diaper/eco family store, as many offer this service; as well as many online retailers.

Initially we planned to do a trial, but it never ended up happening.  Here’s why –

We were determined to start cloth from Day ONE.  I’m very head strong, and figured that the easiest way to jump into cloth, and make sure it worked for us, was to pull the bandaid off.  So, we went ahead and stocked up on a prefold system, and within moments of birth, Ariadne was in her first cloth diaper.  It worked so well that we never looked back.

Our Prefold System:

36 organic cotton prefolds 

8 covers (2 newborn sized Thirsties, 3 Thirsties Duo Wrap, 1 Flip, 1 Best Bottoms, 1 Econobum)

2 Snappis

1 large Planetwise wetbag

2 small Planetwise wetbags 

We chose prefolds because of their versatility.  Prefolds are the “old school” type of cloth diapers; a rectangle of cotton held on by pins (or now, a Snappi) and wrapped in plastic pants (or covers, as we call them now.)   To some, they are scary and complicated.  But we never found them to be anything more than awesome! They fit from birth (Ariadne was 7lbs6oz at her smallest), although they were a bit bulky.  As she grew, I loved them even more because they were amazingly trim for cloth diapers.

There are many ways to fold a prefold; in fact, there are lots of video tutorials online to show the options.   We primarily used the Angel Fold and it worked very well for the breastfed baby poop.

Around three months we began to introduce a few pocket diapers (we had purchased some to test out) and ended up loving them as well.  At the time we had a bumGenius 4.0 and a FuzziBunz One Size.  The FuzziBunz quickly was put away as it really didn’t work well for us; despite the leg adjustment, we never could get a could fit.  The bumGenius though, we loved.  Over the next few months we somehow transitioned to primarily pocket diapers.

Our beloved prefolds were forgotten. And our stash looked more like this:

8 aplix bumGenius 4.0

4 snap bumGenius 4.0

2 itti bitti Bitti Tutto One Size

a couple bumGenius sized all-in-ones

This new pocket stash allowed us to still wash every other day, as we’d been doing since Ariadne was born.

Pockets are a wonderful cloth diapering option for families who want something easy and similar to a disposable.  The aplix pockets look and function just like a disposable (without actually being disposable 😉 )  They also have the added bonus of allowing a lot of customization   Most pockets come with microfiber inserts, but you can purchase other types (more on those in another post) to increase your absorbency as needed.  You can also stuff a pocket diaper with prefolds (which we do often as they are very absorbent.)

The one downfall to our pocket stash, was that over time we began to despise aplix.  The aplix diapers would come out of the drier in a tangled mess, pulling at the cotton on the rest of the diapers.  Eventually they even stopped sticking, and no amount of cleaning the velcro would make it any better.

So we switched it up, and bought all snaps.  Our aplix pockets are sitting in a drawer waiting to be converted to snaps, someday.

The Hubs LOVES our pocket system.  I do too, although I find myself still reach for prefolds more often than not.  Now that we’re in the solid poop stage, we can use a Trifold on them, and it’s just sooo easy.  And since we now have a super pee’er, the pocket diapers have to be double stuffed to contain Niagara Falls.  Whereas a prefold works on it’s own, and keeps everything much trimmer.

Either way, both of our systems work amazingly well; and will last us through all of our future children.  I haven’t really kept track, but I would estimate that we’ve spent somewhere around $700 on everything.

Two full systems, for less than we would have spent on a years worth of disposables.


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