Same Pumpkin Patch, Different Year

I guess you could say that I was waiting to post about this until it got a bit cooler….

Or you could just say, life got in the way.

When doesn’t it?

A few weeks ago we took a family trip to the pumpkin patch.  It was hot, and Ariadne was getting over a bout of Roseola.  Joy.  But we made the best of it, and I think Ariadne had a pretty good time.  She’s decided that she loves animals (especially baby animals) and also pumpkin picking.

This picture makes me smile.  To think that just a year ago, our little family looked quite a bit different –

Okay, so The Hubs looks pretty much the same.  I mean, he’s even wearing a freaking polo in both shots.  And I guess I’m still wearing stripes (yes, I have a strange thing for stripes right now, and did last year too) but check out our KID.  How does that happen in just one year?

I hope you’ll forgive me for my lack of being up to date on blogging.  I promise I’ll get with the program sometime soon.   We’ve been a little sidetracked over here.  In the last three weeks, Ariadne has been sick three separate times, The Hubs and I once each, we’ve had quite a lot of family stuff going down and on top of all of that, I was anxiously waiting to get the “I’M IN LABOUR” phone call from my friend Mya.  Who went into labour Wednesday night, and had a baby two hours later.   Yes, I was there, yes I took lots of pictures and YES it was incredible.   I’ve decided that I would like to be a Birth Photographer when I grow up.

Kidding.  But not really.

If only I could get good enough for that kind of thing!


3 thoughts on “Same Pumpkin Patch, Different Year

  1. Great pictures. She is really growing and so cute.
    I don’t know if I told you, but I love British mysteries and on one of my favorites, there is a character named Ariadne.

  2. She’s getting SO BIG! One of the kids at daycare had Roseola. I was terrified that Cailin was going to get it. Not really terrified, but was preparing myself anyway, since she’s got the worlds worst immune system it seems. Luckily I think we somehow managed to bypass it.

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