The Making of Halloween Family Portraits

I don’t even know how to begin to describe what an utter failure we usually are to family portraiture.

And I’m not talking about professional pictures, those, we can handle.  Or maybe it’s just that our photographer can magically make us all look awesome and smiley and non-blinkey, all at the same time.

My money is on the latter.

But when it comes to at home family pictures, you know, just snapping a group shot here and there – so that we are all actually IN the picture…it’s a little more than difficult.  Either Ariadne is writhing and yelling “dooooow” (down), I have creepy eyes or we’re all looking somewhere completely opposite from where we should be looking…I don’t think I need to pull up examples, just trust me.

I’ve been trying to make it more of an effort to at least get in the picture more often.  It all started with the Allison Tate article earlier this month…because, it’s SO true.  At least for me.  I am the person behind the camera, not the one in the pictures.  And I love that role.  But it means I’m so rarely there in proof.  Even though I know I’m present, will Ariadne remember that?   Or will her early memories of me be of a big  Canon stuck to my face, and my voice from behind it “Ariadne, look HERE, smile, CHEESY GRIN….COME ON….PLEASE?!?!”  ?

And thus, I’ve decided to try and take more pictures of me and my daughter.  And by default, of our little family.  Because aside from the beeeeautiful pictures LaTricia takes of our family a few times a year, we don’t have many, just the three of us.  Or more like, all three of us.

That’s how this Halloween turned into  —



BOOM.  Practically the greatest picture of the two of us to ever be taken!  Smiley and CHEESY Grin!


Maybe Ariadne could have worked it a little bit more happy in that one, and maybe there is a bit of glare on The Hubs’ glasses….but I’m calling it a success.

And a start.

Here’s to being a little bit more present in our pictures!

And in case you didn’t notice.  My child was Pebbles for Halloween.  Huge thanks to my amazing Mum for making her costume.   A little more cuteness overload.


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